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Local Market Conditions & home prices

St. Paul Home sales and Prices by Neighborhood

Numbers are a great way to start the week and these numbers represent home sales in the city of St. Paul, MN by neighborhood for the Month of March 2014.  Even though temperatures were below average home sales and prices

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Local Market Conditions & home prices

3.4 month supply of houses on the market

Graph of inventory

There were about the same number of homes on the market in January of 2013 as there were in January of 2014 but as you can see this year the number of homes for sale translates into a 3.4 month

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home prices by Neighborhood

Here are the home prices and sales by St. Paul, neighborhood for January 2014.  The market picked up a bit from last December. Average prices went up slightly while median home prices rose to $143K from $132K.  So far 2014 is looking

For Home Sellers

Median home prices

Even though the housing market is recovering from the great collapse and crash your home was still worth more in 2006 than it is worth today.  I think in most cases we would have to go back to 2001 to see

General Real Estate News

Pre-foreclosure notices down

According to the Minnesota Home Ownership Center the number of  pre-foreclosure notices sent out in to Minnesota home owners continues to trend downward, and the number of bank foreclosures continues to fall from the peak in about 2011. The center

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Watching the housing market recover

 I thought it would be fun to take a look back at some numbers for home sales in St. Paul and compare the last three years.  In 2012 we started to feel the housing market recover.  We can see it


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