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Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home sales & price by neighborhood

Here are the home sales and prices by Saint Paul, MN neighborhood. Real estate really is that local. Average and median sales prices peaked in June but remained higher than they were in May. The number of homes on the

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The real estate market isn’t what it was

The local real estate market is strong but people look at me with disbelief when I suggest that their home is worth about what it was worth 12 or 13 year ago. That is why it was called a real

Local Market Conditions & home prices

PDOM after the price reduction

Our MLS added a new field a couple of years ago. It is called “PDOM” which means days on the market since the price was reduced. We have always been able to look it up and see when the price


About the green line

While the light rail line known as the green line was under construction people kept asking about how the light rail line would impact property values. Downtown condo owners were pretty optimistic. I still don’t have a feel for how

Local Market Conditions & home prices

June home sales by neighborhood

I have some numbers for June home sales in St. Paul, MN by neighborhood because real estate really is that local.  June 2015 was an unusual month for home prices because the median sale price was higher than the median

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Monday snapshot

As I feel like I am drowning in a sea of real estate data I like to look at this simple graphic. On a Monday morning it helps me get started and plan my week. This shows the general activity


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