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Local Market Conditions & home prices

September home prices and sales by St. Paul neighborhood

The housing market has it’s ups and downs. The average and median sale price for homes sold in St. Paul was lower in October than in September which is to be expected. The number of home sales was higher this

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Commentary on the housing inventory

The table above is a snapshot of activity in the real estate market over the last 7 days. There are only 843 homes on the market in St. Paul and 130 of those already have offers on them. Inventory levels

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home prices and Sales for September

Happy Monday and Happy Columbus day. Here are the St. Paul home sales and prices by neighborhood for September 2015.  We don’t expect prices to go up in September but they did. The average sale price last month was almost as high

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Absorption rate comparison of the twins

We are still in a strong seller’s market.  I thought I would compute the absorption rates for Saint Paul and compare it with Minneapolis. What I found is that there is a three month supply of homes for sale in

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home sales by Saint Paul Neighborhood

Here are some numbers for August home sales in St. Paul. The inventory of homes on the market continues to fall. Home sales remain fairly brisk and home prices are strong. I say strong because prices are seasonal and they will

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Is the local real estate market healthy?

As someone who survived the crash of the housing market and the great recession as a Realtor®, I have to say that the housing market has come a long way since 2009-2011. There are far fewer foreclosures and home prices


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