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Local Market Conditions & home prices

Housing market recovery uneven

The housing market is still in recovery. If you look at the top chart it showing the average resale price of homes in the St. Paul neighborhoods where homes are the most expensive and the bottom chart shows the neighborhoods

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Strong housing demand

Even though the number of homes on the market is at historic lows, home showings are up. By showings I mean the number of appointments that are being made by real estate agents to show buyers homes for sale. Last

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Home sales and prices by neighborhood

Why home sales and prices by neighborhood? Because real estate is that local. Here are the home sales numbers for March 2016 for the city of St. Paul. These numbers are for non-commercial residential real estate that was or is

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Light Rail and condo prices

I love the Green line, light rail line that runs through St. Paul. It has been opened for almost two years now. I remember while it was being built various groups were predicting that the rail line would have a

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Market snapshot

Here is a quick peek at a housing market “snapshot” for the last 7 days. Since it is Monday I thought it would be fun to show the numbers behind the numbers. Of the 100 new listings 18 of them

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Hot neighborhoods

People, especially people who writ about real estate love the idea of “hot” neighborhoods. There are laws that prevent me from recommending a neighborhood but I can post this chart that shows how long it takes to sell a home


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