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Monday snapshot

As I feel like I am drowning in a sea of real estate data I like to look at this simple graphic. On a Monday morning it helps me get started and plan my week. This shows the general activity

Local Market Conditions & home prices

More Realtors

For the last two years one of the most popular articles on this blog has been about how to get a real estate license in Minnesota. The number of people with real estate licenses is growing and has grown. Our ranks


Real estate is so local

Real estate really is local. I like to go to the neighborhood level. Downtown St.Paul is a great example of a local real estate market. It still takes longer to sell a downtown condo than it does to sell a

Local Market Conditions & home prices

Home prices and sales by St. Paul neighborhood

It is Monday and it must be spring because the local real estate market it hot. The median sale price is up for the 5th month in a row. It is up to 169,100 and the average price is also up

Local Market Conditions & home prices

from the mail bag

People send me emails asking me which neighborhood is the best. They all seem to want the same thing. A “nice” house in a “decent” neighborhood and if they have children they want “good schools”.  I am not exactly sure what a

Local Market Conditions & home prices

St. Paul Neighborhood – hot spots

There is a 2.5 month supply of houses on the market in the Hamline Midway neighborhood. That might be because homes in that neighborhood are more affordable than they are in other neighborhoods. The average sale price in the Midway area is


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