paint is like magic


My own home is looking a little rough these days. It all happens so gradually I hardly noticed. I spend so much time looking at other peoples houses I don’t really see my own. This spring I have been doing a little painting.

I gave the metal plant stand on the front port a couple of coats of black paint, and then put a fresh coat of white on the rocker that sits next to it. I put a fresh coat on the porch railings too. So many things can be improved with a coat of paint.

Last summer I painted the front door and this summer I’ll be painting some porch ceilings and some trim. Paint makes what is old look new again and it is cheaper than moving or buying new stuff. ūüôā

Painting inside is a great way to freshen things up before selling a home.

Got Paint?

Only in Minnesota

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Temperatures have been below average for spring. Some days last week it was cold. As soon as the temperature gets up to a chili 45 degrees I start seeing men in shorts and flip flops. When temperatures soar to the mid 50’s I see women in short strappy sundresses and flip flops or they wear short shorts and tank tops with their flip flops.

If we get a thaw during the winter sometimes I see people with sandals walking around slushy puddles in the streets and on the sidewalks.

When it is around 55 degrees with harsh cold winds and misty rain that seems to fall horizontally, I see scantily clad men and women dining outside under umbrellas.

How do these people stay warm? What do they wear when we have temperatures in the 90’s?¬†¬† The last couple of weeks must have been brutal for the people who wear tropical weight clothes.

Bee food and butterfly habitat

Please leave the milkweed that may be growing in your yard alone. To some it is a weed but to bees it is a much needed food source and it is the where the monarch butterflies lay their eggs. The plant provides food for the caterpillars that will eventually become butterflies.

honey bee and milkweed

We often replace native plants with the few varieties we find in nurseries. We need to grow more native plants for pollinators.


If you can read you can buy a condo

MN Capitol
Minnesota Capitol building

My headline is a little silly. I recently helped an investor buy a condo and the agent who was representing the seller seemed to know that the buyer had to have some association documents but did not include all the required documents.

Selling a condo is a little more involved than selling a regular home. The good news is that all of the documents are listed on a addendum that is part of the purchase agreement. Buyers should reference the addendum and check to make sure that they have all of the documents.

Under a consumer protection law Minnesota condo buyers have a ten day period to review the association documents and can withdraw their offer without penalty if they do not like what they see.

Buyers should actually read these documents.

Here is a list of documents as outlined on the condominium, townhouse and cooperative addendum:

DOCUMENTS: Seller is required to furnish Buyer with the following documents relating to the Association and/or the Master Association, if applicable, before conveyance of unit:

38. (1) (a) a copy of the  declaration (other than any CIC plat), (b) the  articles of incorporation, (c)  bylaws, (d) any  rules

39.  and regulations for the association, and (e) any  amendments or supplemental declarations;

40. (2) a copy of the master declaration, articles of incorporation, bylaws, and rules and regulations, if the common interest

41. community is a member of a master association;

42. (3) (a) a Disclosure Statement (for initial sale of property) and all amendments thereto required by MN Statute

43. 515B.4-101, including a balance sheet of the Association, current within 90 days, and the projected annual budget

44. of the Association and a statement identifying the party responsible for preparation of the budget; or (b) Resale

45. Disclosure Certificate (for resale of property) and all amendments thereto required by MN Statute 515B.4-107,

46. including the most recent regularly prepared balance sheets, income and expense statements and current budget

47. of the Association. The Resale Disclosure Certificate from the Association must be dated not more than 90 days

prior to the date of this Purchase Agreement or the date of conveyance, whichever is earlier.

Do you dream of owning a duplex?

The real estate shortage also includes multi-family homes. There are few duplexes, triplexes and assorted fourplexes on the market at the moment. If you have a multi unit investment type property to sell give us a call.

There was a big sell off in about 2008. Currently rents are high and vacancy rates are low.

multi family homes for sale in Saint Paul

The data on the chart is from the NorthstarMLS which is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.