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Teresa Boardman

Phone: 651-216-4603 Text 651-216-4603
Email: teresa(at)

You never need to go through a third party to contact me and your name and contact information will not be sold to the highest bidder.   Don’t become a lead.   Maybe you are thinking about buying a home and looking for advice but are not ready to commit to an agent.  Here are articles I have written that might help.

Are you interested in selling your home but want to first know how much it is worth and how to get started?  Go to my “How much is my home worth page.”   Give me some information and I will come up with some numbers, no obligation, but if you would like to make a donation . . . just kidding.  Here is a link to articles I have written for home sellers.

Real estate is local and so am I. I live and work in St. Paul Minnesota and I was made here too.

Please use this form to contact me via email.

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