Most home buyers are looking for what they call a “decent” neighborhood.  It is against the Federal Fair Housing Law for me to recommend a neighborhood or to recommend against one. Words like ‘good’ or ‘decent’ are subjective.  I love my neighborhood but it may not be a good fit for you.   I have lived in St. Paul my entire life, and I really do know the neighborhoods and can answer a lot of questions.

When selecting a neighborhood keep in mind that not all housing styles and prices ranges are available in every neighborhood.  The older neighborhoods are those that are closest to downtown, and as you move away from downtown the houses get newer.

Every month I list average home sale prices in St. Paul by neighborhood, it is a good starting point for determining affordability. The numbers I have go back a few years. Check the local prices and market conditions too.

Friends and family can sometimes recommend a neighborhood too. For more information about how walkable a neighborhood is I have a link on the side bar to a site that provides a walk score. A buyer can put in the address of a home and find out what is near the home. A zip code can be used to find out more about a larger area.

Walking through a neighborhood or even driving it a great way to find out more. If crime rates are a concern St. Paul has a grid system. The city is split into 12 block grids and crime rates are available for each grid through the St. Paul Police web site.

St. Paul has a district council system. Each neighborhood has a district council, and they are a wonderful resource for St. Paul residents and for people who want to learn more about neighborhoods. Responsibilities of the councils include: planning and advising on the physical, economic, and social development of their areas; identifying needs; initiating community programs; recruiting volunteers; and sponsoring community events.

District Councils
District Councils

What about the schools?  There are so many private and public schools to choose from.

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