How much is your home worth?

It is hard to put a value on your home. If you would like to know about how much it would sell for please fill out the form so I have some basic information to start with. In most cases I can find the rest of the information I need about your home through property records.

Use the “tell me more” section to list updates you have made to your home in the last 5 years and anything else that you want me to know. Kitchen and bath upgrades to increase the value of a home. The age of the roof and of the furnace is also important.

There is no cost for this service and no obligation to list your home. I don’t share email addresses or phone numbers and I don’t have any kind of drip email program.

If you don’t like forms feel free to call or email I am always happy to talk about real estate. If your home is outside of Minnesota please contact me and I’ll find someone in your area who can help.

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