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First Time Home Buyers

Net worth gap widening

Homeownership isn’t right for everyone all the time, but for many in he long run it pays off. Right now average monthly rents are higher in St. Paul than the average house payment, making owning attractive to many.  

For Home buyers

The whacky world of home buying

One of the greatest frustrations some home buyers have is that process seems murky at times and somewhat unpredictable. There is ambiguity when there should not be. Everything is spelled out in a contract yet sometimes it just doesn’t work the way

For Home buyers

Holiday slow down

Real estate activity for the last three days. Real estate is local and seasonal. It should pick up again next week, with a burst if activity. The number of homes on the market is slowly rising which is a good

For Boomers

Un-permitted work

Sometimes it is hard to get work done on a St. Paul home because of our strictly enforced building codes and laws. The cost of simple repairs can be very expensive if they are done correctly and the permits are

For Boomers

July 4th is early this year

Over the weekend I had a hard time finding a real estate agent who could help with an out of town home buyer. Agents told me that it was a holiday. Actually I completely understand. People often have time off

First Time Home Buyers

homeownership can help build wealth

After the crash of the housing market homeownership kind of got a bad rap which makes sense because there were so many people who had negative equity. Things are better today. More people have equity and home values are rising. There are


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