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First Time Home Buyers

homeownership can help build wealth

After the crash of the housing market homeownership kind of got a bad rap which makes sense because there were so many people who had negative equity. Things are better today. More people have equity and home values are rising. There are

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For sale by owner

Technically all home for sale are being sold by the owner but in this article here on my blog I am referring to homes that are being sold without the help if a real estate agent. Buyers need to understand

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Access to linked devices

Every August we get the new improved real estate contract forms. Some years there are few changes and some years there are a lot of changes. Our state contracts and forms have to be changed to keep up with new

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Each home purchase or sale is unique

When selling a home the most challenging situations arise when buyer or sellers or both have too many ideas about how it is supposed to work.  I cringe when I hear words like “always” and “must’. For example a seller will tell

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What is a price improvement?

Sometimes we have “price improvements”. They are exactly the same as a price reduction but they sound much better and it really is an improvement from a home buyers point of view. It is best to price the home correctly when

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Games and love letters

As a first time home buyer you may imagine how the process works. You decide that if you want to pay X amount for a home you have to offer less and then the seller will meet you half way


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