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First Time Home Buyers

Recognizing a bargain

People, especially first time home buyers like a bargain, yet people don’t always recognize bargains when they see one. A home that is in perfect condition and newly remodeled in the neighborhood with the highest home values might be a

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Home Inspections

I always recommend that home buyers make their offer contingent on a complete home inspection. It usually costs a few hundred dollars but can save thousands in costly repairs later on. After the inspection the buyers can say no to

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Down payment assistance

The friendly folks at down payment resources, also known as DPR, alerted me that they have a new logo. I have had a link to the service on this site for many years. This week I sent the link to a

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A new record for Saint Paul

Currently as of yesterday there are 943 homes for sale in Saint Paul, MN and there are only 800 without offers on them. There are of course always homes for sale that are not listed by Realtors that are not reflected

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Accessible homes

Some new fields were added to our MLS (multiple listing service or database of homes for sale) so that there are more ways to search for accessible homes. The Accessible data field now has all of these options available: Wheelchair

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Buyer beware

Some of the houses that are rehabbed through government programs make wonderful homes and others do not. It is important to have an inspection and to double check and make sure permits were pulled for the work and that the permits were


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