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Is your lender good for three months?

So you have a pre-approval letter from your loan officer and it is good for three months. As you look for that perfect home to make an offer on you need to keep in touch with your lender because he or

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Questions home buyers have

I can answer many of the questions that home buyers have but not all of them. Here are a few I can’t answer: 1.  How much will this home be worth in five years? 2.  Will this condo association levy


Lofts sometimes misunderstood

The gorgeous urban loft in the picture is on the market. Located in the Rossmor building across the street from the new Lunds and pedro park and is being offered for $164,000.  It is very common for a loft to

For Home buyers

True cost of housing

I just love numbers and a new feature has been added to our MLS (multiple listing service) that provides more numbers. We can come up with some costs of owning a home that go beyond the monthly mortgage payments. We

For Home buyers

Non-business days

For me it is almost always a business day but I don’t work on Thanksgiving unless you call cooking a turkey and making some pies and serving a meal for ten or more people work. If you are buying or

For Home buyers

Street view

Back in the olden days like 10 years ago I used to suggest to people who were shopping for a new home that they drive by some of the homes they think they would like to see. Sometimes I would


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