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Closing costs

Often home buyers ask sellers to pay some of their closing costs because sometimes they don’t have enough cash for a downpayment and closing costs. Usually the seller is paying them with money that the buyer is borrowing. For example


NSP Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is a live and well. There are a few homes available in St. Paul and some more on the way.  Homes are rehabilitated through this program and then resold. They don’t just slap a coat of

For Home buyers

Minnesota termites

Many states require termite inspections before real estate can change hands.  None are required in Minnesota because there are no termites here.   That is why I was astounded a few years ago when I sold a home that was infested

For Home buyers

What about the bathroom?

Most of the time home sellers love the photographs I take of their homes but several times I have been asked why I did not take more pictures of the bathrooms. Sometimes I don’t take any. The reason why is

First Time Home Buyers

Discuss this with your home inspector

During the last eight years there have been many homes that  sat vacant and then were rehabbed. When the banks obtained the homes they did not get a sellers disclosure and when they sold the homes they could not provide

First Time Home Buyers

A broken promise

Even though we have an app for just about everything and homes for sale can easily be found on the internet on a zillion websites people still like old school paper brochures. Home buyers and interested neighbors rely on for-sale brochures


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