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The camera in my office

I have a camera in my office. You would never notice it unless you were searching for it.  The camera can be operated remotely from an app on my phone and I can see the entire room anytime from anywhere.  I can

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Just say no to dual agency

In some states dual agency isn’t allowed. It is allowed in Minnesota as long as both parties are informed and they give their consent. In Minnesota we have a law that says as a real estate license I have to explain

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Blooming trees

The trees are blooming. If you have a flowering tree in front of your home take a picture of it while it is in bloom. Have that photo included with photographs of your home when it is time to sell.

For Home buyers

Plants that run with the property

It happens all the time. A home owner decides that they want to take a small tree, a bush or maybe a bunch of Hostas with them when they move out after selling their home. Perennials run with the property which means if

For Home buyers

beating multiple offers

We are seeing multiple offers on some homes but not on all homes. Some homes sell quickly but only get one offer while others stay on the market for a couple of months. As a rule the newer a home is

For Home buyers

Avoid fake wiring instructions

On March 18 the FTC Consumer Blog issued a post focused on hackers who have been breaking into some consumers’ and real estate professionals’ email accounts to get information about upcoming real estate transactions. After figuring out the closing dates,


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