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Do homes sell Thanksgiving week?

Do homes sell during the holidays? Yes they do. Last year 3259 homes were sold in St. Paul. 59 of them got offers during Thanksgiving week. It is hard to tell how many got offers on black Friday because offers are not

For Home buyers

Put it in writing but be specific

Last year I got an offer on a downtown condo and in the offer the buyer stated that he wanted the condo cleaned before the closing. This particular unit was immaculate so I asked some questions. The buyer’s agent said

For Boomers

How is the housing market?

How is the housing market is the question I get asked the most often. Real estate is local and my answer will vary by neighborhood. In general prices are trending upward and the inventory of homes on the market remains

First Time Home Buyers

Electronic payment should never be mandatory

Up until a few months ago home buyers only had one way to pay earnest money and that was with an old school paper check. I have had a few buyers who have checking accounts but no paper checks. They had

For Boomers

What is walkable?

After doing some research on which neighborhoods are the most walkable I have concluded that my definition of walkable is different than what I am finding on the walk score web site. In general I walk further than the distance

For Home buyers

Look at the trees

I love trees. I must have a zillion photos of them but I know as a homeowner that trees can cause big problems and it costs money to have them removed up to and including a couple of thousand dollars.


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