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For Home buyers

Games and love letters

As a first time home buyer you may imagine how the process works. You decide that if you want to pay X amount for a home you have to offer less and then the seller will meet you half way

For Home buyers

Sellers choice

Home sellers have options when it comes to how they will handle multiple offers: They can approve the disclosure of multiple offers to buyers agents and their clients. They can disapprove of the disclosure to buyers and their agents that

For Home buyers

Yes you can pay more than the appraised value

Generally when a home buyer uses financing to buy a house the bank sends an appraiser to determine the value of the the home. A lender likes to see that the house being used to secure the loan is worth as

First Time Home Buyers

Getting a home inspection

Buyers are strongly encouraged to make inspection contingent offers and get a complete home inspection. Right now the best home inspectors are very busy. There are several inspectors I can recommend. I have worked with them and I know that they

For Home buyers

The camera in my office

I have a camera in my office. You would never notice it unless you were searching for it.  The camera can be operated remotely from an app on my phone and I can see the entire room anytime from anywhere.  I can

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Just say no to dual agency

In some states dual agency isn’t allowed. It is allowed in Minnesota as long as both parties are informed and they give their consent. In Minnesota we have a law that says as a real estate license I have to explain


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