Baby boomers own a lot of real estate, when will they sell.

The boomer housing sell off is going to be gradual but will drop 9.2 million homes in the next 10 years . . according to Freddie Mac.

  • Declining boomer ownership will free up 9.2 million homes by 2035, a Freddie Mac report found.
  • The 32 million homes owned by boomers will drop to 23 million by 2035, when the oldest members of the group are pushing 90.
  • Homeownership rates “gradually starting to decline as households age beyond age 75,” the report said.

“The offloading of homes will accelerate in the 2030s as boomers reach the ages of 70 to 80, Freddie Mac said, based on an analysis using American Consumer Survey data. The 32 million homes owned by the generation as of 2022 will drop to 23 million in 2035, when the oldest boomers will be close to 90 years old.” [Business Insider]

. . . but don’t start making plans or knitting little things because this model is based upon the trends of former generations and so far the baby boom generation has been unpredictable and doesn’t always follow their elders.

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