Save a baby tree today

I wrote this last summer. Again this year everything is brown and crunchy due to drought. Some of the young boulevard trees are dying due to a lack of water. Anyone with water and a hose or a bucket can and should save a tree.

ash tree

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. This summer reminds me of the summer of 1988 and we did survive. The tree in the picture was planted in the fall of 87. It is in front of the apartment we lived in. I am not sure how we survived the heat without air-conditioning but we did. We lived on the second floor and didn’t get much sleep that summer.

The summer of 88 was hot and dry and the tree wilted but survived because we watered it. I hope it survives the emerald ash borer but even if it doesn’t it was worth saving and has provided years of shade and housing for squirrels, birds, insects, and whatever else lives in trees.

The tree was one of many planted on the same block to replace the elm trees that were destroyed by Dutch elm disease.

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