Saint Paul is a river city

I have always enjoyed living near the river. When some of my suburban friends and family visit they often want to join me for a walk or a ride along the river. The Mississippi River isn’t just for recreation it is also used for shipping. Right now the water is high due to snow melt and spring rains. During droughts the river gets low and that impedes shipping. Barges have been around since ancient times and are low-tech. They don’t have engines they just float and get pushed around by tow boats.

Barges can hold a lot of cargo. A typical barge size is 195 feet by 35 feet and can hold up to 1500 tons of cargo. Newer barges can be up to 209 feet by 50 feet and hold twice as much cargo tonnage as traditional barges. Barges are efficient and cost-effective.

The river is a place to enjoy walking during any season and biking.

Barges waiting to be unloaded – Mississippi River
downtown St. Paul from the river
Mississippi River as it flows past downtown St. Paul
Robert Street Bridge
Walking paths along the river – Historic Robert Street Bridge
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