don’t skip the inspection

The shortage of homes for sale continues to shrink. We have set many records for all-time lows. It isn’t just St. Paul it is the metro area and much of the country.

Home buyers need to be ready to pounce when that perfect or almost perfect home comes on the market. As I mentioned yesterday being pre-approved for a mortgage is important and so is having some money for a down payment and for closing costs.

Sure you can ask the seller to pay your closing costs but that makes your offer weaker than the buyer who can pay his own.

There is one thing home buyers should never compromise on and that is having a complete home inspection. Houses are a big financial investment and buyers need to understand what they are buying.

Buyers inspections are good for home sellers too. It is always best if the buyer finds out about any problems with a home before they buy.

Is it worth skipping the home inspection to make the offer stronger? Personally, I don’t think so. Please have a complete home inspection. Have it done by a qualified professional home inspector and make your offer contingent on that inspection. Please have a radon inspection too.

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