• Friday fun
  • Happy Saint Patrick’s day

    Saint Patrick's day parade 2014

    It is Friday and Friday’s are for fun. It is also  Saint Patrick’s day, let the drinking and debauchery begin!

    I happen to live in an area where it is hard to walk more than a quarter of a block without being in front of a brew house, tap room, bar, or restaurant that serves beer. I am not complaining, just not partaking and will likely hide in my house until the worst is over.

    I often attend and enjoy the parade which starts at noon. You can find it in downtown Saint Paul. This year’s parade will be the 51st.

    Saint Patricks Day Parade
  • Friday fun
  • The semi-annual marketing apportunity

    daylight savings time

    It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It is that time of year again when an old law changes time and we have to set our clocks one hour ahead. Feel free to set me straight if I have this wrong but the idea is to have the sun set later in the day which is supposed to make the day longer somehow. Since we never really know what time it is, and daylight savings time is a law left over from ancient times, I like to take advantage of the marketing opportunity it presents.

    You may receive post cards in the mail or emails reminding you to set your clocks one hour ahead. I won’t be sending you anything but as long as you are here reading I figured I would take advantage of it with my virtual post card.  Besides I have heard that every time a real estate agent sends an email reminder or post card reminder about daylight savings time a kitten dies.  Please feel free to share this with as many people as possible. It is safe for kittens and all pets.

  • Friday fun
  • Capturing tweets

    It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I think it is wonderful the way our new president uses Twitter. I have learned a lot by following him on Twitter. Here is a screen print of a recent tweet. It gives me an idea of what might be wrong with our health insurance system.

    Insurance executives – screen print

    I understand why they all look so happy. They can probably afford their health insurance. As POTUS would say “sad!”

  • Friday fun
  • Above average

    It is Friday and Fridays are for fun and it is February and all we really care about today is the possibility of breaking the record high temperature for this day. The average high for the day is 29 and the average low is 13. The record low was -20 set in 1936 and we don’t care if that record is ever broken. The record high was 55 and that was set in 1981. That is the record we are going to try and break today.

    February 2011

    We can just think of the next few days as spring break and enjoy!