You might be from St. Paul if . .

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. You might be from St. Paul and I should add that you are probably also over 50 if your reaction to this picture is:

What have you done to Dayton’s?

Dayton’s – After

This old Saintpaulite will always cal the building Dayton’s even though Dayton’s has not been Dayton’s for a long time and has been renamed  “Treasure Island Center” and will have a practice ice rink for the Minnesota Wild, an orthopedic clinic, a brewpub and other retail and office space.

I am very pleased that they kept some of the old brick. I will probably always refer to the building as Dayton’s.

Before renovation


Learning how to use the faucet

Yes it is Friday again and Fridays are for fun. This past week has been horrific and not much fun. Floods, fires, hurricanes and a major earth quake all in one week.

I can understand how water might be hard to get during a natural disaster but people have forgotten that most of the time they can get water from a faucet in their home. They have become so dependent on bottled water that they can not survive without it.

We laughed the first time we saw bottled water. We did not think it would catch on but it did.  The water that comes already in a bottle was put there by clever human beings who learned how to get water from a faucet, put it in a bottle, ship it across the country and get people to pay for it.

The bottoms of rivers, oceans and lakes are full of the recyclable plastic bottles that water comes in.

It seems like there are people who have forgotten how to get water from any other source than a bottle. Bottled water isn’t safer than our local water. Some of the water in bottles is tap water. It is easy to fill your own bottles from you own faucet.

If there is an emergency and the stores run out of bottled water . . and they will run out . . it is possible to fill containers from your own faucet so that there will be clean drinking water should the worst happen. My resourceful and resilient cousins in Florida filled their bathtub and several containers with water before the hurricane hit.

Some day your own life may depend upon your ability to find water if the worse should happen and there is a bottled water shortage.  Please don’t forget how to use faucets.

Let the orchard come to you

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I love the Saint Paul Farmer’s market and I go there almost every week. The last time I went I got a ten pound bag of apples for $10 dollars. It was a mix of large and small apples of varieties that I usually use for cooking.

I spent a whole day cooking apples. I made apple butter and apple cake and dried some apple slices.

I’ll be going back for another bag on Sunday.  I enjoy going out to the orchard but I really don’t have to because truck loads of apples come from the orchards to the Farmer’s market every week.

My favorite apple is the honey crisp. I haven’t seen any yet but they should be coming soon.

Farmer's market
Farmer’s Market

Summer isn’t over

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. The Labor day weekend marks the end of summer for some, but not for me. Summer isn’t technically over for three more weeks. Some of the best weather we get is in September.

My summer has been a bit unusual and productive. I spent Memorial day, July 4th and a few hours each week at home working and I plan to spend Labor day that way too.

I have spent a lot of time in the last several months tidying up our basement. I had gotten rid of a lot of excess stuff a few years ago but ended up with a bunch of my parents possessions when I moved them. Up until last weekend I even had some furniture in a rented locker. Now all I have is the lock that was on the locker. 🙂

It doesn’t sound like fun to most people to spend the summer holidays in the basement but I don’t mind and I feel good about what I have accomplished in one summer.

I still have several boxes of stuff that do not belong to me taking up space in the basement. I think sleepless nights and boxes of stuff are the price we pay for having children.

Here is one of the more interesting items that I found and gave away:

cor popper
corn popper

It was a gift and never used. Did you know that you can pop corn in a microwave by putting it (the popcorn not the microwave) in a brown paper bag?

In most cases the items that I have gotten rid of were given to charity, sold or recycled.

If we had moved more often we would probably have less stuff.

No matter how you choose to spend it have a wonderful Labor day weekend!

Have you heard?

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. There is going to be a total eclipse of the sun on Monday. I have a screen print from a map I found on the internet.

Monday’s eclipse is billed as a once in a life time event. The last total eclipse viewable in the U.S. was in 1979, and there will be another on April 8th 2024.

I might be alive to see the next one. I  remember the last one. I got to watch it through a hole in a cardboard box. . . or maybe that wasn’t the last one but it was another one, but this will be the only one where there will be a 83.04% view of a 100% eclipse right from home, assuming it isn’t cloudy. Nebraska would be a great place to be on Monday.

Right now Monday’s forecast calls for clouds.  Oh well we can watch it being live streamed on twitter and probably a bunch of other places which will be a pleasant diversion from what we have been watching and reading lately.  Enjoy!

Map of eclipse

colorful fun in St. Paul

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Did you ever get up early and get ready to work and then step outside and change your mind? That is what I did on Tuesday. I decided to go to Como park first thing in the morning. The conservatory wasn’t open and I had the grounds with all of those beautiful gardens to myself.

Here are a couple of the photographs I took.

water lily
water lily
Monarch butterfly

What a great way to start the day!