Only in Minnesota

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Temperatures have been below average for spring. Some days last week it was cold. As soon as the temperature gets up to a chili 45 degrees I start seeing men in shorts and flip flops. When temperatures soar to the mid 50’s I see women in short strappy sundresses and flip flops or they wear short shorts and tank tops with their flip flops.

If we get a thaw during the winter sometimes I see people with sandals walking around slushy puddles in the streets and on the sidewalks.

When it is around 55 degrees with harsh cold winds and misty rain that seems to fall horizontally, I see scantily clad men and women dining outside under umbrellas.

How do these people stay warm? What do they wear when we have temperatures in the 90’s?   The last couple of weeks must have been brutal for the people who wear tropical weight clothes.

Why own when you can rent?

Nice Ride bikes on 6th & St. Peter

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I prefer to own my home rather than renting it but I have always been a big fan of renting things that I don’t want to own.

I have never rented goats or friends but both can be rented. The city put some rents goats in Indian Mounds park. The goats are supposed to eat the invasive species of plants . . . it would work even better if people would stop feeding them. Don’e feed the goats!

In Japan there is a service where people can rent friends. They rent out grandmothers, and other family members too.

The most unusual thing I have ever rented was my wedding dress. It was a very expensive and beautiful.  I only needed to wear it once and not even for an entire day. If i ever want to see the gown I can just look at wedding pictures.

I like to borrow Niceride bikes which I guess is the same as renting them. Even though I own a bike sometimes it makes more sense to borrow one.

All my life I have borrowed books. They days I borrow both digital and audio books from the Saint Paul Public library. Far cheaper than buying them and super easy to return when I am finished.

When the kids wanted to play various musical instruments we rented them and encouraged experimentation. Eventually we bought one musical instrument.

Camera lenses are very expensive and they can be rented. Sometimes I rent a lens just to see if I will like it and other times I rent lenses to take with on vacations.

Spring road trip

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I visit Nebraska every April for a real estate event that is like no other. I enjoy the drive because this is the busiest time of year and it is nice to get away for a couple of days before it gets even busier. Here are some photos I have taken along the way.

More windmills

This year I’ll try to get some pictures of cows.

Brave or stupid?

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Last night I thought it would be fun to put the boots away and round up the assorted winter shovels, ice choppers and snow brooms and put them all way in the back of the tool shed.

Shovels and stuff

What could possibly go wrong? I’ll hold off on bringing the winter coats to the dry cleaners and putting the ice scrapper and snow brush that is on the floor in the back seat of my car in the trunk. Enjoy the weekend!