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peak pricing was a decade ago

Home prices are still lower than they were in 2006. The good news is if you bought your home in 2008 – 2011 it is probably worth more now than it was then. As a rule homes in St. Paul

General Real Estate News

Jobs and housing

Most people need to have a job before they can buy a house. The unemployment rate in St. Paul, MN sits at about 3.3%. The demand for all types of ¬†housing is strong.  

General Real Estate News

I went paperless, how about you?

I actually do own a couple of printers and there is a ream of paper in my office which I used half of last year. Writing an offer on a home and getting it signed without ever printing any of

General Real Estate News

The real estate market isn’t what it was

The local real estate market is strong but people look at me with disbelief when I suggest that their home is worth about what it was worth 12 or 13 year ago. That is why it was called a real

General Real Estate News

Inside information is on the Internet

There are several web sites that have homes for sale and a few apps that can be used on tablets and phones to help with the house hunting process. I wish I would have had half as much information about

General Real Estate News

Small houses on small lots

The great recession left plenty of scars in St. Paul. In some neighborhoods it also left vacant lots. Yes the lots are small and they had small houses on them that were razed at some point after the owners stopped paying


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