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Could you be an Airbnb?

house  If you have not heard of you probably will.  The web site provides a way for people who have rooms to rent them directly to people who are looking for a room.  Sometimes Airbnb rentals are generally short term,

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Happy new year

I almost hate to see 2013 go.  It has been a wonderful year as homes began to appreciate and more home owners had equity and were able to sell.  It was a good year for home buyers too with low

General Real Estate News

West side flats developement

bulldozer – March 2013 October 2013 – click on picture to enlarge West Side Flats is a 178-unit apartment building with 6,185 square feet of commercial space. Most of the units will be market-rate, but 20 percent — or 36

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City Vs. the suburbs

Dowtown St. Paul – 7th street As an urban dweller I hear the silliest things from my friends and relatives who live in the burbs.  Some of them seem to think that the suburbs are like a different world than

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Shut down affects home sales

  Real estate is local but the federal government shut down has an impact on home sales.  I had one closing delayed because the lender was unable to verify social security numbers through the social security administration. Sometimes home buyers need

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Home showings

Book a showing No it isn’t your imagination we are starting to see the normal seasonal Fall slow down in the real estate market.  There are more homes on the market than there were a couple of months ago and


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