To mow or not to mow

long grass

I confess we mowed the lawn over the weekend because it was a mess. The “No Mow May” movement started a few years ago. The idea was to leave the lawn and let it grow to feed pollinators and to protect the insects that hybernated in the lawn.

It makes sense to let the lawn grow in the spring but I am not sure letting it go until June is good for anyone. Tall grasses and weeds isn’t a good look. If you mowed your lawn already you are not alone. Does letting the lawn grow really help the pollinators? Once the temperature gets above 50 degrees for a week or so I don’t think anything is hibernating in the lawn. The blooming trees, lilacs, and spring flowers provide food for the bees.

For the last couple of years the grass was brown and crunchy by mid-June due to drought.

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