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Photography is for marketing

I am convinced that most home sellers and their real estate agents don’t really understand the concept of using photography to market a home rather than to document the existence of various rooms. Amazing photographs do attract buyers who are

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For Boomers

That crazy Zestimate

Many of my clients use the Zillow website on a regular basis and to some it is like the bible of all things related to real estate. Zillow uses data and formulas to create Zestimates and a Zestimate is like

First Time Home Buyers

Selling a home that needs repairs

The picture has nothing to do with the post. I just like the fountain and the view behind it. Sometimes people buy homes that need a few repairs but they decide not to make the repairs. Guess what happens when

First Time Home Buyers

The West 7th neighborhood

The West 7th neighborhood is sometimes misunderstood and people even get it confused with the West Side. West 7th street is West of Downtown St. Paul and sometimes called the West End. It is a neighborhood that has it all

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For Boomers

How many showings before the offer?

The chart shows how many appointments are made to see homes throughout the metro area. Activity really increases this time of year. The weather kind of slowed things down in January and February of  2014 and that shows up on the

First Time Home Buyers

Healthy homes

There are all sorts of things that can scare home buyers, especially first time home buyers. As a real estate agent I am never going to say it is all OK even if it is. I encourage all homebuyers to

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