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2 Great Ways to sell your home for less

Selling a home for less doesn’t seem like a worthy goal but homeowners do things to sabotage the sale of their home. The most common way to get less is to price the home too high. Homes that are overpriced

For Boomers

The art of home selling

I like to think of selling a home as more of an art than a science. Last week I wrote about looking inside mom’s refrigerator and how I discovered it was time for my parents to move. They owned a

For Boomers

Mom’s refrigerator

My parents lived just three blocks away from me until a couple of months ago when we needed to move them. Their decline was gradual and because they lived close by I was able to keep an eye on them and

For Home buyers

Non-business days

For me it is almost always a business day but I don’t work on Thanksgiving unless you call cooking a turkey and making some pies and serving a meal for ten or more people work. If you are buying or

For Home Sellers

The lowball offer

Sellers tend to get upset when they get the low ball type offer on their home. personally I consider any offer an opportunity. An offer opens a door and buyers don’t want to pay any more than they have to.

For Home Sellers

To decorate or not

I answer this question several times each holiday season. If my home is on the market should I decorate it for the holidays? My answer is always the same. That depends. Honestly I don’t have a problem with holiday decorations but


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