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For Boomers

Is fall a good time to sell?

When I ask if it is a good time to sell I mean real estate of course. I remember when I used to work with one of the big real estate companies. They had this room called a resource room

First Time Home Buyers

Closing dates

If you are one of my clients and are reading this please don’t worry. So far all closings are on schedule and I don’t anticipate any delays. When  buyer makes an offer on a house the contract has to have

For Home buyers

I love my paper shredder

A decade ago there was a line on purchase agreements for the home buyers social security number. I used to tell my buyers they should never give anyone their social security number unless they have to and they did not

For Home buyers

Don’t become a lead

Lead capture is a big thing in real estate these days. The idea is to capture or collect email addresses and phone numbers from potential buyers and sellers. Sometimes the email addresses are put into a drip email campaign so the

For Home Sellers

The dated house

This past year i have had the privilege of selling several homes that perspective buyers called “dated”. Yes it is possible to sell a home with dated decor with a dated floor plan and a dated kitchen. It is a little easier to

For Home Sellers

When to drop the price

It happens all the time. A home goes on the market and after about three weeks or sometimes three days home sellers start to get worried that the home won’t sell. Sometimes the price needs to be lowered for a quicker sale.


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