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Kitchen remodels that hurt resale

In the urban legends about real estate, kitchen remodels always pay off when it is time to sell. Recently I have seen some kitchen remodels that have hurt the sale of the home for two reasons. One reason is that

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Information not guaranteed

A couple of days ago I wrote about how there are fewer homes for sale on Zillow then there are listed as being for sale in our Realtors MLS and that is a true statement but I would not want

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The illusive dollar deal

I feel like I have to be careful how I write this because if Google notices this post then anyone searching for homes that are being sold for . . . well lets just say one piece of currency with

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Don’t limit yourself

There are not a lot of homes on the market right now but there are more homes listed on the web sites of our local real estate companies than there are on Zillow. People just love to use Zillow and

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Is that a listing in your pocket?

In the real estate industry amongst our peers we call them “pocket listings”. ┬áThese listings are secret listings that stay off of our MLS or sometimes are put on the MLS as being “temporarily not available to show”. There isn’t

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Less is better than too much

I have been doing a lot of house hunting lately with my favorite clients. We have toured several homes that I would describe as over furnished. Every room is filled with large pieces of furniture so that the home seems small

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