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When Mr. Wrong calls

Sometimes people believe that real estate agents work for real estate companies. We are independent contractors which isn’t anything like being an employee or working for a company and of course as we all know real estate companies don’t sell

For Home Sellers

Don’t replace anything you don’t have to replace

I recently talked to a home seller who had been talked into replacing all of her kitchen appliances before putting her home on the market. None of the appliances she replaced were new but none of them needed to be

For Home buyers

The bathroom quiz

Bathrooms are so confusing. I recently talked with a buyer who wants a home with at least 1.5 bathrooms. In our MLS homes with a full bath and a half bath are listed as having 2 baths. There are no

For Home Sellers

Motivated Buyers – in Summer and Fall

Sometimes people are afraid to put their homes on the market in the late summer or early fall. There are always home buyers who are in a hurry to buy a home so that they can move before the weather

For Home buyers

The sellers disclosure

The sellers disclosure is a fun form to fill out and it  just keeps getting longer. Minnesota sellers are required to fill them out unless they have not lived in the property. Absentee owners fill out a kind of non-disclosure

For Home buyers

How to make an offer

Minnesota home buyers need to understand that verbal offers on homes for sale are not real offers that we take seriously. In the real estate biz we like contracts. Yup Contracts. Personally I just love real estate contracts and each


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