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Delayed closings

Lately it seems like there are delays in real estate closings half the time. There are only a few local lenders who can make it happen on time, the rest of them just claim they can do a good job.

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The Fall market

It is true that is takes longer to sell a home in December than it does in October but in these parts we are talking about an average of 12 days, at least for the years that I took data

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Be careful with home equity

The number of Home equity loans being applied for is up again. That means that home owners are more confident about the future and about home values which is a good thing. However every year people come to me who want

For Home Sellers

Heating season starts today

Here we go with the winterize your vacant home 2014 edition.  This nice warm fall is bound to end one day. October 15th is considered the beginning of the heating season here in the Twin Cities.  If you home is

For Home buyers

Getting rid of paint

Moving isn’t a lot of fun. I got to do it myself this year except I didn’t actually get to move but moved family members, sold their home and cleaned it out. Often my home seller clients want to leave

For Home Sellers

What are buyers saying about your home?

Home sellers just love to get feedback from the buyers who tour their homes but it doesn’t always happen.  I don’t always get feedback from the agents who showed my listings and sometimes I give little or no feedback after I show


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