• For Home buyers
  • The blizzard effect

    Few people look at homes for sale during snow storms and we get fewer offers on homes for sale. I like to call it the blizzard effect.

    The warm weather we had last week was good for local home sales.

    The spring home buying season starts shortly after the super bowl ends no matter what the weather is like.

    A snow storm is headed our way but we got this. We will get somewhere between 3 and 18 inches in the metro area and it will start this evening or tonight or early tomorrow or possibly this afternoon and should be over by sometime on Friday.


  • Boardman Realty
  • Pre-listed and coming soon

    We are in a sellers market which means that it isn’t hard to find a buyer for almost any home.

    There has been a shortage of homes on the market for a couple of years now.  Some homes are “pre-listed” which means they are for sale before they are listed for sale and are sometimes sold while they are still “coming soon”. People who drive by and see the sign have an advantage if they would like to buy the house which is why I want to give buyers this pro-tip.

    If you see a boulevard with a bunch of colorful flags on it that can mean a for sale sign will soon be delivered. The sign companies have the utilities marked before they dig . . hence the flags. There are other reasons why utilities are flagged it doesn’t always mean the home is coming on the market but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on it because it might be for sale soon . . which isn’t like coming soon but it could be coming soon.

    If you are a home owner who is thinking about selling and you want hire a Realtor who is going to “pre-list” your home and “pre-market” it give me a call.We won’t play games or play with your home. We don’t need to pre-list we can skip all of that and just sell it for you.

  • For Home Sellers
  • condition and location

    Condition and location

    There are actually three factors that greatly influence the value of a piece of real estate and they are size, location and condition. There is nothing a home owner can do about location. Most home sellers can only change the condition of the property.

    I always recommend cleaning and decluttering first, minor repairs second and painting if needed. Small improvements can also raise the value. By small I mean a back splash in the kitchen, and some new light fixtures or maybe a new electrical outlet or two and smart thermostat. larger small improvements might include a new front door and some new flooring.

    New hardware and towel racks can transform a bathroom. Throw in a new shower curtain, coordinating towels, rugs and curtains and the home owner will want to stay. 🙂

    By small repairs I mean lose door knobs, anything that leaks, visible wires, and fixing windows that are hard to open of that don’t open. Replacing burned out light bulbs should be the first step in getting a home ready to sell.

    Cleaning is a tough one for some. I have a list that includes cleaning inside the oven and cleaning the windows.

    As a rule home buyers will want about $1000 dollars off the list price for every $100 in repairs that the buyer thinks are needed. Sometimes buyers ask for upgrades and call them repairs.

  • First Time Home Buyers
  • Who decides how much a house is worth?

    Victorian homes
    The turrets of Dayton's bluff

    This is the time of year people call and ask me to figure out how much their home is worth, or really what they want to know is how much it will sell for. I look at how much similar homes have sold for recently near the home being priced and I do some number crunching and throw in some experience and come up wth a number that is usually pretty close to what a home will actually sell for.

    The process of predicting the sale price is an art and a science. Some of the sellers I represent take my advice on pricing and others choose a price based on how much they need for a down payment on another home or on how much they paid for the house or even how much they think the house owes them.

    Ultimately it is the buyer who decides how much a home is worth and the buyers lender either goes along with it or decides the home is worth more or less than what the buyer wants to pay.

    Asking more for a house than buyers think it is worth results in more days on market and that ultimately results in a lower sale price because buyers will offer less for a house that has been on the market for awhile than they will for one that was just listed today.

    also see What is a free CMA? and How not to price a home and The art of home selling

  • For Boomers
  • Spring home buying season in full swing

    Spring in St. Paul

    Just about every day I get some spam email about how I can buy some home buyer leads. Apparently they have been captured by companies that do not sell real estate and are waiting to be sold to people like me.

    The truth is right now there are more home buyers than there are home owners who want to sell. As a result most of us are actively looking for people who want to sell their home.

    Often home sellers wait for signs of spring like green grass and dandelions before they will put their home on the market. The spring market starts while the snow is on the ground and most years the greatest number of home sales and highest closed sale prices happen in April or May and those homes were put on the market in February and March but close in April and May.

    This year will be challenging for people who want to both sell a home and buy a home. Home sellers are in the drivers seat and have some control over when the sale of their home closes.

  • For Boomers
  • Keep your home at room temperature


    I am writing from experience. If you want your home to sell more quickly keep it heated to at least 65 even in the winter. People will not spend as much time in your home if it is cold and even though the sign says “Please remove shoes” some folks will refuse if the floor is too cold.

    Saving $50 to $100 on your monthly heating bill isn’t worth having to make another months mortgage, tax and insurance payment because your home is still on the market because no one wants to stay in it long enough to fall in love with it.

    Even in a strong sellers market the longer a home is on the market the lower the ultimate sale price will be. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and you will make more money with a faster sale.