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How many showings before the offer?

The chart shows how many appointments are made to see homes throughout the metro area. Activity really increases this time of year. The weather kind of slowed things down in January and February of  2014 and that shows up on the

First Time Home Buyers

Healthy homes

There are all sorts of things that can scare home buyers, especially first time home buyers. As a real estate agent I am never going to say it is all OK even if it is. I encourage all homebuyers to

First Time Home Buyers

Use social media with care

I write about this every year. If you are buying or selling a house be careful about what you post about it on Facebook, twitter or any other social media site. Sometimes I find information that helps me negotiate on

For Boomers

Keep it light

I write this same article or one similar to it every year. If your home is on the market or if you are planning on putting it on the market soon make sure it is well lit. When buyers come

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Kitchen remodels that hurt resale

In the urban legends about real estate, kitchen remodels always pay off when it is time to sell. Recently I have seen some kitchen remodels that have hurt the sale of the home for two reasons. One reason is that

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Information not guaranteed

A couple of days ago I wrote about how there are fewer homes for sale on Zillow then there are listed as being for sale in our Realtors MLS and that is a true statement but I would not want

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