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The dated house

This past year i have had the privilege of selling several homes that perspective buyers called “dated”. Yes it is possible to sell a home with dated decor with a dated floor plan and a dated kitchen. It is a little easier to

For Home Sellers

When to drop the price

It happens all the time. A home goes on the market and after about three weeks or sometimes three days home sellers start to get worried that the home won’t sell. Sometimes the price needs to be lowered for a quicker sale.

For Boomers

Two much stuff

I still have too much stuff even though I have been on a mission to have less stuff. When I meet with people who are trying to move or to downsize they are often stressed out about how much stuff

First Time Home Buyers

The phone test

A couple of days ago someone who was standing in front of one of my listings decided to call the phone number next to my name on the for sale sign. I answered his call on the second ring. He

For Home Sellers

White after labor day

It is an old rule that we put our white sandals away after Labor day and bring them out again after Memorial day. Personally I don’t own any white sandals so I don’t have to worry about it. Some people believe that

For Home Sellers

When Mr. Wrong calls

Sometimes people believe that real estate agents work for real estate companies. We are independent contractors which isn’t anything like being an employee or working for a company and of course as we all know real estate companies don’t sell


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