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Your agent forgot to tell you . . .

Now that we have a little snow on the ground showing homes to buyers has gotten messier. Persons touring homes need to take their wet boots off at the door. Having a sign by the front door that says “please

For Home buyers

Good news for local real estate

“Minnesota created the most jobs in 2015. The state boasts a 3.5 percent unemployment rate and more than 40,000 jobs were added last year alone, with the largest employment gains centered in education and health, leisure and hospitality, and professional

For Home buyers

Local real estate numbers

Real estate is local and that is why I publish home sales and prices by St. Paul neighborhood each month. Here are some numbers for home sales in St. Paul over the last 12 months. I tried to answer the

For Boomers

Ha Ha Ha

I just got an email from Zillow stating that my home value has gone up. They have the value at about $50,000 more than it is worth . . . and by worth I mean what a buyer would pay

For Home buyers

Home buyers need a strategy

I am working with a few home buyers right now. The key to getting the house they want during this sellers market is flexibility. Buyers need to be pre-approved and ready to make an offer. Having a flexible moving date

For Home buyers

Buyer showings

Home sales have a kind of seasonal rhythm here in St. Paul. If the weather is unusually cold or snowy as it was in 2014 there won’t be as many buyers making appointments to see homes, but they will show


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