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The cycle of downtown

Last week I attended an excellent Summit about downtown Saint Paul. We learned about every new project and about projects that have been recently completed. it got me to thinking about how in the early 2000’s rental type apartments were

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Why an open house if the home is sold?

Usually we don’t see open houses on homes that have been sold but last weekend there were some open houses at homes that have offers on them that were accepted by the sellers but that are contingent. The most common

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Tiny house or condo

I am obsessed with the idea of living in a tiny house. I live in a small one now but not a tiny house. Last week I looked at a 370 square foot condo in downtown St. Paul. For some

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Part time agent vs. full time

I know some part time real estate agents who do a fantastic job and some full time agents who do a crummy job. Some folks would be surprised to learn that those agents who have a lot of listings are

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Don’t wait for an open house

I get calls from people who want to see houses and they ask me when the next open house is going to be. Many of the homes on the market never have an open house. There is no evidence that

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Inquiring minds want to know . . .

Often home buyers want to know how much the current owners of a home paid for it and how much they owe on it. That kind of information is easy to find in public records. Sometimes I have to remind

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