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Smile you are on camera

The other day I was touring a home with some buyers when I noticed a camera on one of the book shelves. The camera was plugged in but I am familiar with the particular model and I don’t think anyone

For Home Sellers

Staging AND Photography

Every home should be staged before it is put on the market. Sometimes staging is just about re-arranging furniture and removing clutter and other times it is a lot more involved. Sometimes hiring a professional stager is the way to

For Home Sellers


We call it the “hogger” when a real estate agent sells a house and represents both the seller and the buyer. ¬†Some real estate agents will go to great lengths to get both sides of the sale because if there

For Home buyers

Mortgage lenders

I wish all Mortgage lenders were the same but they are not. Right now I have some clients working with a lender at USBank. The loan program is wonderful but the individual handling it is not. He told the borrowers

For Home Sellers

Staging is important

The home owners I work with are sold on the idea of staging but the idea can be taken to a ridiculous level. I am going to be honest and just say that I don’t know if your home will

For Home buyers

Waiting for a better offer

It doesn’t matter if we are in a sellers market or a buyers market, sellers always wonder when they accept an offer if they should have held out for more or waited for a better offer. ¬†They want to know


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