Friday fun

Noise and danger in the air

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun but Homeland security night time drills are not any fun.

There ought to be a law against terrorizing Twin Cities residents by flying very low over densely populated residential areas at night but there isn’t. If you live in these parts you probably heard it and saw it. Homeland security and “local law enforcement” had night time drills which involved flying helicopters as close to homes and buildings as they could from about 9:00 PM to Midnight Monday night and apparently last night too.

Of course we all know that no matter how close a black hawk  comes to a building there isn’t any chance what so ever that it could hit the building or my house and that no one goes to bed before midnight on a Monday night.  The copters flew terrifyingly low and the house shook and that dog hid in the shower.

It is hard to  faith in military or law enforcement that would use a residential area at night for  low flying drills. The whole thing has been loud and frightening and I question the judgement if the people or organization that approved the drills.





State Fair News

We take our state fair seriously here in Minnesota. If you turn on the morning news or the evening news there isn’t any news other than the state fair. I don’t think I could write about it every day but in honor of opening day here is a photo taken on the Midway at the 2012 Minnesota State Fair.

minnesota state fair

minnesota state fair



It could take more than 3 days

A couple of months ago I had a listing that sold in less than a week but after it was on the market for 3 days the seller called me in a panic. She was afraid that her home wasn’t going to sell because we only had two showings the first day, one showing the second day and no showings the third day that is was on the market.

I think it is important to understand how long it takes to sell a home. Sometimes it takes more than three days. On average St. Paul homes are on the market for an average of 72 days before they are sold and for condos the number is closer to 80 days.

No one likes to be average. Home buyers just love a bargain. The homes that sell the fastest are the homes that are priced toward the bottom of their price range rather than the top. If it seems like your home has been on the market too long ask your agent what the average days on market are in your neighborhood. We can also figure out what the average is for a home like yours.

days on market

Condo CDOM


For Home Sellers

Don’t replace anything you don’t have to replace



I recently talked to a home seller who had been talked into replacing all of her kitchen appliances before putting her home on the market. None of the appliances she replaced were new but none of them needed to be replaced and all were working. It was a needless expense. Older appliances rarely keep buyers from buying a home.

If buyers were looking at the home but not making offers because of the appliances new appliances could be part of the negotiating process . In general I don’t like to see home sellers spending any more money than they have to when getting a home ready to sell. Some of the expenses are just plain silly and expensive too.

Cleaning, making repairs and painting are the three things that I recommend sellers spend money on because I know they will get at least a 100% return on their investment.

Also see “Shades if Beige”


For Home buyers

The bathroom quiz

Bathrooms are so confusing. I recently talked with a buyer who wants a home with at least 1.5 bathrooms. In our MLS homes with a full bath and a half bath are listed as having 2 baths. There are no fractions.  A home with a full bath and a quarter bath is also a 2 bath home rather than a 1.25 bath home. A home with 2 full bathes or a full bath and a three quarter bath is also a 2 bath home.

However with each listing we do show what kind of bathrooms the 2 bathrooms are. For instance it will state that there is one full bath on the first floor and a quarter bath in the basement.  A quarter bath can be a single toilet, or sink or shower. You won’t know what the bath consists of until you see it in person.

The full bath is always a sink, tub and or shower and a toilet. If there is a tub and a separate shower stall it should be a 1.25  bath but it is still classified as a full bath. A three quarter bath is a shower, sink and toilet. one quarter is taken off because of the lack of bath tub. A half bath which is sometimes called a powder room, usually consists of a toilet and a sink but I have seen half baths where there is a shower and a toilet.

The strangest configuration I have ever seen is a home with 2 baths. One was a half bath with a sink and toilet and the other was a quarter bath with just a tub.


Also see What is a bathroom?



I get a lot of calls from people looking for places to rent. I hate to even write about it may lead to an increase in the number of calls I get.  I don’t work with rentals at all. I mostly send people to Google or mention apartment buildings in my area that have vacancies. There are thousands of apartments in St. Paul but there isn’t a comprehensive data base of apartments for rent or even a list of all the apartment buildings.

There are several web sites devoted to renting apartments in St. Paul and there is Craig’s list and the major real estate web sites like Zillow and Trulia. The Minnesota Attorney General’s office has some information on renting an apartment – Moving into an apartment

In some parts of the country working with a real estate agent when renting an apartment is common in Minnesota it is fairly rare.

Brick buildings




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