Accurate information takes effort

We call it data integrity. When homes are listed with a Realtor® they go into our local MLS, which is a data base of homes for sale and when you go on the internet to look at homes for sale many of the real estate company and agent web sites pull data right from the MLS. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service and it is owned and paid for by local area Realtors.

We do everything we can to keep the information we provide as accurate as possible. For one thing we don’t let just anyone enter the information into the system and we have a lot of rules and people who break rules, enter the wrong information or fail to update the status of a home when it has an offer on it receive a fine.

If you find a home for sale when you use the home search on this site the home is really for sale.

Sometimes there are mistakes, which is why we say the information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

In the first quarter of 2014 over 500o notices have been issued to agents who had listings with inaccurate data or who violated one of the many rules.


The Northstar MLS has the largest and most accurate information about homes for sale in the Twin Cities because we work at it and control it. The information can be accessed through real estate company and agent web sites and of course you can contact me and I can whip up a search and have information about homes for sale sent to you as soon as they hit the market and before they already have offers on them.

For Home Sellers

The 1980′s called and . .

The 1980′s called and they want the wall paper back. There are homes on the market with 1980′s style kitchens and those homes do sell. Some of those kitchens are beautiful but the wall paper borders have to go and so does the flowery wall paper and the matching curtains. Go ahead and get upset with me but if you have a home to sell you will get more money for it if you can sell it quickly.  You can sell it quickly if you list it at a bargain basement price or you could remove wall paper and paint the rooms in neutral tones.

The gold sculpted carpet has to go and so does the powder blue plush carpet no matter how well it coordinates with the blue wall paper border with the ducks on it . . you know the ducks with the ribbons around the neck.


It doesn’t cost that much to do a little painting and have the wall paper removed. It is a great investment especially when all of the other 1980′s style homes in the neighborhood that are on the market have that wall paper border and the country kitchen colors.

There is gold in that wall paper if you take if off the walls before you put your home on the market,

General Real Estate News

My blue bottle is green



In honor of earth day I want to tell you about my blue bottle. It has been to New York and to Nebraska and a whole bunch of other places.  Did you know you can bring an empty bottle to the airport and then fill it once you get through security?  I am sure the airports would rather sell bottled water which is probably why there are no spigots for filling water bottles.

With this bottle I fill it as full as I can straight from the drinking fountain and then I fill the cap with water and pour the water into the bottle.  It feels like a conspiracy. Everyone wants me to drink bottled water but I won’t.  I refuse to buy water from plastic bottles and even if I have to work at it I keep refilling my blue bottle.  I can not fill it at most fast food restaurants but they will let me fill a paper cup with ice water and I can pour that into the bottle. I always offer to pay for the paper cup that ends up in the trash after my bottle is full.

As I ride my bike along the bike paths by the river the woods glisten with plastic bottles. There are zillions of them in the woods and in the river. There are cases of tap water bottled up and shipped to Minnesota in most every store. When I go to an event bottled water is served. There are other ways to serve water. It can be put in a large container with a spigot.

The water in St. Paul is safe and for those who don’t like the taste there are water filters. Maybe some day drinking fountains will have spigots where water bottles can be filled but until then we just need to be creative. Buy a bottle like mine for a couple of bucks and use it instead of buying bottled water. I also have a metal bottle and I like that one too.

Here is a startling statistic in the US alone 17 million barrels of oil a year to make enough bottles of water to keep up with demand. Additional fuel is needed to put the water in the bottles and ship it to a store near you.

It seems like everyone wants us to drink bottled water  which  is why it is so hard to fill water bottles and why at some events there is no water except water in disposable bottles that are recyclable but end up in the woods and in the ocean.

See Rethink what you drink for more information about bottled water.

For Home buyers

Unmotivated buyers and sellers

houseWhat happens when the buyer does not need to buy and the seller does not have to sell? Simple there is no sale. At least one party needs to be motivated or the whole thing kind of caves in. I do my best to avoid listing the homes of people who just kind of want to sell. it isn’t at all unusual to work with a home buyer who does not have to buy but is looking for that perfect home.

As a buyer you can tell that the seller isn’t motivated. Here are some red flags:

  1. The home has been on the market for six months
  2. The home has been on the market for several months with no price reduction.
  3. The owner has a lot of rules about when buyers can see the house.
  4. The owner has a for sale by owner sign in front and is over pricing the home.

There are other signs but these are the obvious red flags. Sometimes people just want to kind of try it out to see what will happen.

It can work out if at least one party is motivated.

Friday fun

Peep Friday


It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I took this picture last year when the peeps invaded downtown St. Paul. Everything was sticky when they left.


Don’t let your license expire

expiredAttention real estate agents and brokers. Lets not forget that Continuing education or what we lovingly refer to as CEU’s are due by the end of June and some real estate companies require that agents get it done even sooner. This is our business time of year. We used to be on an honor system but now CEU is tracked electronically.  Last year an agent had her license suspended pending completion of CEU and her broker stated that it wasn’t his job to track it.

It is the brokers job to make sure that each licensee has a license and that the license is renewed and to have it renewed each agent needs at least 30 CEU credits and there are required modules. As a license broker I need additional credits.

Two years ago a local broker forgot to get their own license renewed and as a result all agents in that company became unlicensed. Agents please protect your self by checking your own credits through pulse portal and keep an eye on your broker too.

When an agent or brokers license expires  he or she loses access and it is of course illegal to represent another for a fee in a real estate transaction without a real estate license unless you are an attorney.



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