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Did someone die in your home?

The older a home is the more likely it is that someone died in the home. I know my mother in law died at home as did my next door neighbor. I would never ask one of my clients if someone died in the home.

Here is what it says on the Minnesota sellers disclosure:

No Duty to Disclose:

390. A. There is no duty to disclose the fact that the property 391. (1) is or was occupied by an owner or occupant who is or was suspected to be infected with Human 392. Immunodeficiency Virus or diagnosed with Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome; 393. (2) was the site of a suicide, accidental death, natural death or perceived paranormal activity; or 394. (3) is located in a neighborhood containing any adult family home, community-based residential facility or 395. nursing home.

Sellers do have to disclose the presence of human remains on the property.


Friday fun

Fair or unfair

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I usually get to the Minnesota State Fair on opening day but that was yesterday and I did not get a chance to go. There are a lot of people who tell me that they don’t go to the fair. I don’t get it.

Have a great weekend!


Mightly Midway

For Home Sellers

How not to price a home

I see this all the time. I call it “mine is better than yours pricing”. The phenomena usually occurs when there is a home on the market  and a neighbor decided to put their house on the market too. When they price it they decide that it is nicer than their neighbors home so they should list it at a higher price. They base the price they are asking on what their neighbor is asking.

What someone is asking for a home and what it is worth or what someone will pay for it are seldom the same. Each home needs to be evaluated based on what other homes like it i the area have actually sold for in the last few months not what the owners have asked for.  The best source of information we have about home prices is the information we get from past sales.

It is also true that homes have to be competitively priced with similar homes on the market because buyers will compare homes and often choose a home because it offers the most of what they want at an acceptable price. If your neighbor is practically giving their home away it may slow down the sale of your home even if it is priced right.



For Home buyers

Getting it in writing


Shopping cart

Getting something in writing certainly isn’t a new idea but every now and then I meet someone who is personally offended if I ask for something in writing. Recently another real estate agent was most offended when I would not just take his word that all the junk had been removed from a house that my clients were getting ready to close on. I had wanted to check for myself or at least get something in writing.

We did have a final walk through of the house before the closing and found a lot of stuff had been left behind.  I was told by the agent that the seller was still moving and that everything would be removed from the house before the closing. I had planned on going back to check for myself because it was the right thing to do not because I don’t trust anyone.

I was not allowed to do my due diligence and the agent was insultanted when I asked for something in writing and refused to do it. My clients decided to close anyway and just deal with it.

For some reason when someone tells me to just trust them I get all suspicious and in this case my attitude was compounded by the fact that I could not even check the house.

Most people are good and honest but there are reasons why we encourage home buyers and sellers to put everything in writing. Misunderstandings happen and as hard as it is to imagine people don’t always do what they say they will do. It is also important that anything in writing is as specific as possible.

As for the house with the stuff left in it . . . I did ask about the shopping cart and was told that it had been removed yet it was in the home when my clients went to move in.

For the heck of it

Where the paper went

paperLast week I wrote about being paperless and how the electronic files I send to other real estate agents are printed and filed by real estate company office administrators.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to see my dad’s medical chart. It takes up a three ring binder the weights several pounds.

The medical professional that I met with had this suitcase full of mostly paper with her. She struggled to find the papers she needed for our meeting and when I asked questions she had to shuffle through piles of paper and could not always find the answers.

I am told the paper is all about patient confidentiality but I suspect it is more about re-tooling and developing electronic forms and about teaching employees how to use it all. I can not help but think that medical records would have more value if health care professionals could actually search them and find the information that they need. Under paper systems it just isn’t possible to find a weight or blood pressure.

The paper that I don’t use will probably end up in a hospital or clinic somewhere. I guess I am OK with that.

For Boomers

Homes for sale

There just are not enough homes for sale. We read about “low inventories” across the country. The graph shows what that looks like.

graph of listings

Inventory of homes for sale

Yes homes do sell during the fall and winter. The homes that sell the fastest are the smaller less expensive starter homes that first time home buyers are looking for. The demand for housing is strong and that is driving prices up but prices are still lower than they were in 2005 and 2006.


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