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Peep Friday


It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I took this picture last year when the peeps invaded downtown St. Paul. Everything was sticky when they left.


Don’t let your license expire

expiredAttention real estate agents and brokers. Lets not forget that Continuing education or what we lovingly refer to as CEU’s are due by the end of June and some real estate companies require that agents get it done even sooner. This is our business time of year. We used to be on an honor system but now CEU is tracked electronically.  Last year an agent had her license suspended pending completion of CEU and her broker stated that it wasn’t his job to track it.

It is the brokers job to make sure that each licensee has a license and that the license is renewed and to have it renewed each agent needs at least 30 CEU credits and there are required modules. As a license broker I need additional credits.

Two years ago a local broker forgot to get their own license renewed and as a result all agents in that company became unlicensed. Agents please protect your self by checking your own credits through pulse portal and keep an eye on your broker too.

When an agent or brokers license expires  he or she loses access and it is of course illegal to represent another for a fee in a real estate transaction without a real estate license unless you are an attorney.


For Home buyers

Closing costs

sold2Often home buyers ask sellers to pay some of their closing costs because sometimes they don’t have enough cash for a downpayment and closing costs. Usually the seller is paying them with money that the buyer is borrowing.

For example the buyer buys a $200,000 house and pays $200,000 for it but asks the seller to pay 3% of the closing costs which amounts to $6000.  That means that the seller ends up with $194,000 for the house.

The sellers immediate reaction to paying buyers closing costs is almost always no.  No isn’t the right answer. Most home buyers ask sellers to pay closing costs. However buyers do not seem to always understand that the $6000 is coming off of the sellers bottom line and that the sellers end up with less money.

Buyers would have to offer more than the asking price so that the sellers end up with the amount they want for the home after they pay some of the buyers closing costs. Buyers think offering more than the asking price is absurd but that may be what they need to do if they want the house.

Buyers need to understand the math and be sensitive to the fact that this money does come off the sellers bottom line. Sellers need to understand that buyers will ask for help with the closing costs and that there is a huge chance that if they want to sell their house they will need to help.

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St. Paul MN

Happy tax day

I never thought I would be nostalgic for the good old days when we dropped our taxes at the St. Paul central post office in the evening or late at night on April 15th. Cars would line up and so would protesters. It was kind of like a circus with helpful postal employees would have carts out and they would line up so we barely had to stop our car to toss in the envelope full of forms and maybe a check. Protesters would have huge signs reminding us about the evil things our taxes are spent on and how we need to make it stop. I always felt a kind of special bond with my neighbors as we lined up to drop off our tax returns.

postoffice_2 (1)The post office has moved but the building is still there and is being converted to Condos. . . . but we can still count on death and taxes and the deadline to file is still April 15th.  I had to pay the rest of my 2013 taxes and I had to pay the first quarter of my 2104 taxes.  It all added up to an impressive sum of money.  I am not looking for sympathy but I might need to hit someone up for coffee money. :)



NSP Program

The Neighborhood Stabilization Program is a live and well. There are a few homes available in St. Paul and some more on the way.  Homes are rehabilitated through this program and then resold. They don’t just slap a coat of paint on them either. They are brought up to code and energy efficient improvements are added. It is like getting a new house for the price of an old one.

In each of the last two years I have represented of buyers who have purchased these homes. They living happily ever after in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood. The program is a little more complicated than a straight purchase because there are income limits and there is usually some assistance money available to help with closing costs.

The picture is of a home on Maria Avenue that is in the process f being renovated and will be sold to some lucky buyer.




Brewery is now apartments for artists

schmidt brewery

Schmidt Brewery Artists Lofts

Even with my wide angle lens I could not get it all in. The renovation of the Schmidt Brewery is in it’s final stages and many of the apartments are occupied. There are income limits and rents starting at $844 a month for a one bedroom.  There are 247 live/work rental units in the complex. See the Schmidt artists lofts web site for details.

This is a unique project and an exciting one. We don’t always have a way to save historic buildings and this one is a treasure.

I have written a few articles about this over the years. 


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