Something to be thankful for

Wild turkey

I have a lot to be thankful for. Right now I am especially thankful for the fact that I don’t have to go out and catch a turkey and get it ready for the oven.  I find turkeys in the woods and along the bike paths in Lilydale regional park. They can run pretty fast and they look big and mean. Sometimes they hang out in gangs and block the bike path.

If you are preparing your first Thanksgiving turkey this year, don’t worry. Turkeys are easy to roast, and yes I know they can be deep fried but I like roasted turkey. Just remember to calculate cooking time based on the weight of the turkey and a low temperature, like 325. Cook the bird until the meat thermometer reads 165.

One member of my family has celiacs disease and another has food allergies. I am happy to report that turkeys are naturally gluten-free and don’t seem to trigger allergic reactions. I am thankful for that too.

Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving.

Sometimes less is more

Alexander Ramsey House
Alexander Ramsey House

Back in the 1870’s the Ramsey house probably only had one wreath on the door during the holidays. I like the simple decorations and they are all cordless.  The inside of the is decorated for the holidays too and there are tours and holiday events Throughout the holidays and even on Black Friday.

Alexander Ramsey was the first Governor of the Territory in 1849 and the only person from the Whig party to govern. He was appointed by the 12th president of the United States, Zachary Taylor.

Shipping season on the Mississippi River

Barges on the Mississippi River

Barges on the river near downtown. The buildings in the background are in downtown St. Paul. You can take a picture like this from the MRT bike trail in between Warner Road and the river.

There are no ice cutters on the river. The shipping season starts each year when the barges can get through the ice. The river near St. Paul does not freeze solid but can ice over on the surface. There isn’t any ice yet.

The Mississippi is a wonderful natural resource but it is also an important shipping corridor. The shipping industry provides jobs too. Those barges need to be loaded and unloaded and the tugboats and towboats that push the barges need pilots and crews.

Barges are fun to photograph because they often have rust on them.

Bike path in downtown St. Paul

bike path
Bikeway running north and south along Jackson street as viewed from the skyway

I have used the new bike path in downtown St. Paul a couple of times, it is a joy to ride.  It is part of the Capital City Bikeway. The design is beautiful and it is safer than the street. I can’t wait until there are some East/West bike paths.

The bike lane along Jackson will connect to the Gateway Trail which goes all the way out to Stillwater. According to Visit Saint Paul  St. Paul is not only bike friendly but one of the most bike-friendly cities.

I am often asked about biking by people who are moving into the area or who are choosing a neighborhood to buy a house in.

There is a lot of biking going on in the downtown area, even though it is still a dangerous place to ride.  I think my inner thrill seeker makes me do it. 🙂

Proposed Property tax statements

Our proposed property tax statement came in the mail on Friday. This year the proposed increase is 16.1%! OUCH! every taxing authority is asking for more money.

The city of Saint Paul has been getting extra payments from us each year for “street maintenance”.  Now that fee will be collected with property taxes. That makes the taxes a bit more transparent but when added to all of the other tax increases the bill gets pretty high.

Home values went up. The valuations statements come out in March and homeowners have a chance to contest them. Good luck with that. On average St. Paul home values went up by almost 6% and in some neighborhoods property values went up by almost twice that much.

If you have not gotten your property tax statement yet, take a few deep breaths before you open the envelope. Perhaps an adult beverage is in order. If you property taxes are rolled into your mortgage with the payments spread out of twelve months you may notice the increase as much.

If you want to know more about Ramsey County and the budget, read about it on the property tax website.

As for federal taxes, it is complicated which is what will make it easy for our leaders to proclaim “huge tax cut” while raising our taxes.

So far our federal tax system has a done a great job rewarding the wealthy.

Rice Park
Rice Park – city park, downtown St. Paul

Friday is for unfriending

Today is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is national unfriend day, which is aimed at Facebook friends, not real friends. I am going to start with the Facebook friends I don’t know and then move on to the ones I don’t like.

I don’t need to unfriend oversharers because I stopped reading their posts long ago. I have “unfollowed” them so I don’t see their posts.

Maybe I’ll unfriend the people who post the “memes” and the “how to be happy” posts. They don’t add any value and what they are posting isn’t even original.

I have dabbled in memes myself. I use my photographs and put words on them. I’ll admit they are different and kind of dark.

Lately, I have been a rebel and a non-conformist. I have taken Facebook off of my phone last January. It can not be totally taken off. It can only be deactivated. They want you to use Facebook and give it access to your location. I decided not to play along. It makes me feel like a rebel and a free thinker.

Ultimately I think I would be better off if I kept most of the friends and got rid of Facebook. It seems like Facebook has too much power these days. The good news is that we don’t have to use Facebook.

fall sunrise