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It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I’ll admit it has been one of those wild and crazy weeks and so far nothing about it has been fun but I do have this picture of the lights on a building that is now part of Schmidt’s Artist’s Lofts. I have some pictures of barges too but I’ll save them for another day.




Understanding downtown St. Paul

I found a condo at the Rossmor being advertised as just 5 blocks from the light rail.  At first I thought it was just a mathematical error but then I realized that if a person were to head south down Jackson street it is about 5 blocks to the Union Depot station. A person could also head down Robert street and walk six blocks to the Central station.

Most people will  just head west to the station on 10th street because it is only two blocks away. There isn’t any harm in walking a few more blocks to get to the light rail but as a selling point being two blocks from the light rail sounds better than being 5 blocks away.

It is probably a coincidence that the real estate agent advertising the condo mostly works in a distant suburb and is probably a wonderful agent but not all that familiar with St. Paul.


map to light rail

For Boomers

home buyers prefer hardwood floors

hardwood floors

hardwood floors

Home buyers usually prefer hardwood floors. I have know this for many years. National Association of REALTORS® found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for a home with hardwood flooring.

I am not suggesting that people who want to sell their homes run out and replace the carpeting with hardwood floors. Sometimes the carpeting needs to be replaced and there is hardwood flooring under it. Even hardwood floors that need a little work are better than old carpeting and usually better than new carpeting.

From experience I know that there are certain types of homes that people expect to see hardwood flooring in. People expect older homes to have hardwood floors. That doesn’t mean that hardwood is preferred in bedrooms, kitchens and baths or that every room in the house has to have hardwood floors.

It should also be noted that a buyer’s willingness to pay more for a home with hardwood doesn’t mean that they will be willing to pay enough to cover the cost of the hardwood floors. There is quite a price range for the flooring and it doesn’t always have to be oak.

Nothing is really all that black and white when it comes to making improvements that will have a positive impact on resale value. There are shades of gray but it is good to know that home buyers will pay more for homes with hardwood floors.


For Home buyers

Older homes

I mostly sell older homes and by older I mean they are closer to 100 years old than they are to 50 years old. These are wonderful homes and some are in renovated factories downtown. In some cases the mechanicals like the plumbing, electrical, heating system and roof are in excellent shape because they have been upgraded and are fairly new.

These homes are reused over and over and upgraded along the way. The oldest homes are the closest to downtown and the highest concentrations of the newest homes are in areas like Highland Park, Battle Creek and the upper East side.


There are many homes in St. Paul that have been standing for more than a 100 years. They never really go out of style. Almost anything in an existing home can be improved and upgraded. The only thing that can’t be done is to build those wonderful old houses again.

Don’t be afraid of buying older homes. It looks like they are here to stay and they will be getting older too.  The home in the photo was built to last in 1912.


Built to last in 1912


First Time Home Buyers

Questions home buyers ask

The internet and my wonderful phone make it easy for people to contact me and ask questions. I like to answer questions but I can’t answer them all. Some of the questions are so vague that I have to ask questions before I can answer any.  I’ll never ask questions to get information for my database before answering a callers question. I just hate it when businesses do that.

Sometimes people call and say they are calling about that home I have for sale. I always have to answer that question with a bunch of questions so I can figure out which home they are asking about. A street name, house number of even the color of the home is usually enough information so that I can identify it.

Sometimes people ask me why the homeowners are selling their home. I usually have an answer if it is one of my listings but unless the owners give me permission to disclose why they are selling their home I really can’t say and there are plenty of good reasons for that.

Home buyers will ask me if I think the seller will accept X amount for the home. Honestly I have no idea. How would I know? My instinct says that if a buyer is offering half the listed price it is unlikely that the owner will accept but I don’t know for sure.

Another question I get is “why is this still on the market?” There are all sorts of reasons why a home is still on the market. I have known homeowners who were willing to wait years to get their asking price. Sometimes they will take less than what they are offering but no one has offered.

It is not at all unusual for buyers to ask why a property for sale is priced the way it is. That is a tough one to answer because a property owner can price their real estate any way they choose. The asking price and sale price are seldom the same.  Home buyers need to think in terms of how much a home is worth and may want to work with a buyer’s agent who can give them advice on how much they should offer. 

I will always do my best to answer any questions that come my way. I just love questions that can be answered with a yes or  a no.


hazy sunset


Into the woods


Lilydale park

If you have not explored it yet check out Lilydale regional park. It is particularly beautiful in the fall too. The park is along the Mississippi river west of Harriet Island Regional park. Over the last couple of years the trials have been improved and several more have been added.

Oh but watch out for the wild turkeys.


wild turkey


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