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What should I do with my cat?

Home owners with cats often ask what they should do with the cat during showings. Cats are fairly common and we encounter them while showing homes. Some are friendly and others hide. Some seem friendly but will bite anyone who tries pet them. Cats can stay in the home while it is on the market.

It is important that we know that there is a cat in the house and if the cat likes to escape that should be noted too. We generally receive some kind of instructions before we show a home to buyers and notes to not let the cat out are fairly common.

Cleaning litter boxes frequently is very important even if the box is in the basement.

Home sellers should disclose on the sellers disclosure if they have had any pets living in the house.



Mortgage & Finance

Low unemployment

I know there is underemployment in the Twin Cities but unemployment is fairly low. My recruiter friends tell me there are jobs in I.T. that are going unfilled  See [Minnesota HeadHunter]

The government and the many local hospitals, and the University of Minnesota are huge local employers. We also are the home of some corporate headquarters for some really huge companies.

The best way to find a job in Minnesota is by talking to your contacts. There is a Minnesota Jobs site that looks like it would be useful. I look for work everyday but that isn’t at all like looking for a job.

Minnesota unemployment rates

comparative unemployment rates

I always like to look at numbers from California when I compare unemployment rates because the weather in California is nicer than it is in Minnesota. Where we live isn’t just about the weather or maybe we would all be living in paradise.


Living expenses in the metro

BLS Midwest summary

As a rule homebuyers will need an income of at least $47,000 to buy the average priced home in St. Paul. That number is always fluctuating. The numbers in the Bureau of labor statistics table show what kind of wages a Twin Cities worker can expect.


No room for bikes


St. Paul sidewalk

I decided to walk to the store yesterday. As I went I took inventory of what is on some of our sidewalks. There are tables and chairs and street lights and trees and newspaper racks and signs and flowers.  I know that bikes do not belong on the sidewalk and on many of the local streets in and around downtown attempts to bike along the street may result in death.

It seems to me  that we always  find room for what matters and manage to pack a lot of stuff on our city sidewalks. On some there is even room for sidewalk poetry. There isn’t any room for bike lanes.


Remembering Captain Banning

Grave in Calvary Cemetary

Oakland Cemetery

Captain Banning has likely been in Oakland Cemetery for longer than I have been alive. I have no idea who he was. Maybe he died in battle or maybe he died of old age. Either way memorial day is the day to remember him and all of those who have gone before us. RIP Captain Banning.


University Avenue

transit station

Western Ave transit station


Nice Ride station – university ave

Welcome to the Frogtown Neighborhood. I took a bunch of photographs the other day near Western avenue on University. The area looks so different since the central corridor transportation project was completed. For people who are looking for things to do and places to go this weekend, there are a lot of wonderful restaurants along University avenue.

Don’t let these bikes fool you. University Ave is not at all bikeable but there is a bike Boulevard on Charles street which runs parallel to University two blocks to the North. . . . the bikes are on the South side of the street which makes no sense . . . but they look pretty in my photograph and help show off the sidewalk improvements.

I really do love St. Paul. No place like it. :)

Friday fun

Less ice cream more beer

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. It was about a year ago that the Dairy Queen on West 7th street near the Xcel center became a parking lot. During the year more bar stools have been added to the West 7th and downtown areas but no ice cream shops. There are tap rooms and brew houses and micro breweries and pedal pubs with kegs of beer on them. There are bars and pubs and restaurants with large bar areas with beer on tap.

If I were to guess I would say there are twice as many types of beer as their are flavors of ice cream. The number of bar stools in the west 7th area is far greater than the number of church pews.

Sometimes West 7th street is closed so that people can drink beer outside in the street. The street is never closed so we can eat ice cream because there isn’t any. There is an ice cream shop on Grand avenue, Grand Ole Creamery and Izzy’s ice cream on Marshall avenue. Grand Ole Creamery sometimes has a line going out the door and down the street.

A person can go from the Xcel center down to the new CHS ballpark in lowertown without ever encountering ice cream. It seems like there should be a business opportunity somewhere in the area for ice cream. Is there such a thing as beer ice cream?

There are some empty store fronts in downtown and close to downtown that would make fine ice cream shops. Maybe someone could open a bar and ice cream shop?





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