Text message phishing

coinsIt is pretty easy to get information from random strangers. That information can be used to fill in a few gaps so that there is enough information to steal some money or maybe an identity.

When someone sends a text message asking to buy your house the best course of action is to delete it and block the sender. If you respond they just verified your phone number and invited more messages.

I’ll be honest I block about 75% of my email and most of my phone calls too. My phone has a great spam blocker for text messages. I don’t get those spam group messages at all anymore.

There won’t be as many people buying houses this year. There should be fewer calls and letters too.

As a small business owner, I am a double target for scammers and they are relentless in their efforts to get me to give them banking information or to just send them money.

I get invoices that must be paid immediately and notifications that I just paid XXXX dollars for ______ with a receipt attached and a scammers phone number to call if I have questions.

A scammer recently tried to get my banking information changed through an accounts payable department so that when I send an invoice the payment will go to them instead of to me. It almost worked.

I never ask my clients for banking information or social security numbers or for money. Real estate brokers get paid at closings and only at closings. Real estate agents are paid by real estate brokers.

Fake closing documents and requests for money or information are sent to me on a regular basis.

Occasionally I get offers for houses we have on the market. The buyer wants to send the money directly to me and asks for my banking information.

It is always alright to ignore a text message, phone call or email. Just because someone sends us something that does not mean we have to read or respond.

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