Please keep your bike locked when not in use

It is true that bikes get stolen in St. Paul all the time. Stolen bikes are rarely recovered but go ahead and make a police report. It goes without saying that they need to be locked up when they are not in use. The best practice is to keep your bike locked in a shed or garage or inside your house and lock the bike too.

I keep mine in a locked shed and the bike itself is locked to a beam in the shed. When I use my bike to run errands I try to lock it to a bike rack if there is one. We definitely need more bike racks.

It is almost time to get the bile out. Some people bike in April during “30 days of biking”. I usually wait until the snow melts and until it is warm enough so that the air doesn’t feel like it is burning my skin.


Bike trail
Bike trail – Pickeral lake
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