2023 Tax season starts today

Yes, today is the beginning of the tax season. The deadline for filing taxes is April 18th.

As a Minnesota licensed real estate broker I can not give tax advice. People ask me for such advice all the time. There are real estate agents and brokers who do give their clients tax advice.

The best source of information about federal income tax is the IRS.gov website. It isn’t always easy to navigate or to make sense of but that is because there are 6,871 pages of tax code. For state, taxes try revenue.state.mn.us.

It isn’t ever a good idea to let a relative do your taxes unless that person is a tax preparer. That tax software is pretty good but it is over complicated and it is easy to screw it up.

For people who get all stressed out over taxes letting a professional do the work is the way to go.

Stay away from those tax places that charge by the form. They charge way more than your local mom-and-pop tax service.

Even though we pay taxes the federal government is always in debt. In fact, our leaders may decide not to pay the bills we owe. Apparently, they can do that.

I like to start the tax season by getting my empty plastic shoe box out and putting it on the dining room table. Everything that I get in the mail that is tax-related will go into the box which I have labeled “2022 tax crap”.

Have a great tax season!

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