A Real Minnesota Winter

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Except for the rain this week, we are experiencing a real Minnesota winter. Some folks have forgotten how to handle the snow.

I was in the hardware store the other day and people came in expecting to be able to buy salt, shovels, and roof rakes. Typically that stuff sells out early in the winter and will be restocked by next fall.

People who have shovels should use them to shovel the sidewalk so that our neighborhoods are walkable once more. The city had done a craptastic job removing snow from the roads so walking in the street isn’t an option this year.

St. Paul residents who do not have shovels can probably borrow one from a neighbor. The same with roof rakes. Many of us have a few shovels and a roof rake too. We would be happy to lend anyone a shovel if they want to use it to clear a sidewalk.

People like to salt their walks instead of shoveling until they run out of salt. They use too much salt which pollutes the water and kills plants.

Sand also works to melt ice and make icy sidewalks less slippery. I use sand to get out when I get stuck in our snowy, icy alley.

We have had more snow already they year than we normally get in an entire winter. It reminds me of the winter of  2011/2012. We survived!

Toughen up buttercups! We got this! We only have 3 more months of winter.

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