You might have to live with snakes


In some parts of St. Paul garter snakes are abundant, in other parts, there are few. Even though the snakes are harmless some people can not tolerate even seeing them.

The garter snake is common in Minnesota in both rural and urban areas.  They don’t have teeth and don’t attack people, they eat insects and slither away when people come close.

Snakes do not respect property lines and there isn’t any way to keep them out. As a result, people end up having to move because they can not tolerate the site of snakes.

Garter snakes live in my garden, in the rhubarb.  They like heat and need it to aid the digestion of food.  On a warm fall day, it is not unusual to see them sunning themselves along the foundation of my home or on the walkways.  On occasion, I have seen them come out of hibernation during the winter to catch a few rays.

They prefer to live in the ground and are found in compost heaps and wood piles and are plentiful along the river bluff in St. Paul in the residential areas.  Garter snakes are plentiful in parts of the West 7th neighborhood.  The soil on the bluff is warmer because of all the limestone close to the surface and that attracts garter snakes.

Home shoppers should let their REALTORS know if they are afraid of snakes.  Sellers are not required to disclose the presence of snakes outside the house. They are not required to disclose that there are bats or bees or strange-looking neighbors.

For some home buyers, their ability to enjoy their property is greatly diminished by the presence of these creatures.  Read about ophidiphobia, fear of snakes.

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