Lock your bike twice

Bike trail
Bike trail – Pickeral lake – late summer 2018

I just got my bike back from Lowertown Bike Shop. It needed a tune-up but more importantly it needed a new chain. We have already had a few days that have been warm enough for biking and are likely to get a few more. I am not into winter biking; I bike when temperatures hit 45 degrees or better.

Bikes are a high theft item. They disappear quickly and we never see them again.

The best practice for securing your bike is to lock it in a garage or shed or enclosed area and also lock the the bike. Mine is locked in a shed and I use a U lock to lock it to a beam. I have had the same bike for six years and would like to hang onto it for a few more years. St. Paul is a wonderful place to bike with plenty of trails.

Sure, I have the serial number and could file a police report if the bike is stolen but that isn’t the same as getting the bike back.

Please keep your bike locked up when not in use. Keep it locked up and behind locked doors and if possible, away from any windows and out of sight.

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