Don’t forget about the library

Saint Paul Public Libary
Saint Paul Central Library – George Latimer

The central library is beautiful inside and out and a fantastic resource. It also makes a nice backdrop for the holiday decorations in Rice Park.  Most of the books I read these days are electronic books that I  borrow from the library. They have a large selection of Kindle books and audiobooks that are easy to check out without even going to the library, but I love to go to the library.

In the summer one of the things I love to do is actually go to the library and check and pick up some old-school hardcover books. Since childhood, I have associated summertime with reading. I keep a stash of books for reading on the front porch.

The library is also cool and quiet and they offer many services and types of media. It is a go-to place for research and learning. Did you know that there is a “maker” space? It is a hands-on workspace with a 3D printer, a laser engraver, a sewing machine, a recording studio, and more.

There is a large children’s room filled with books, the puppet stage, and places to read.  There is a room with books for teenagers and young adults.  There are magazines, newspapers, and movies.  The librarians are always helpful and best of all it is all free. Well, it isn’t really free we all pay for it with our tax dollars.

I recommend living within walking distance of a library or two.

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