Color of the year is Magenta

Magenta flowers
Magenta flowers

Viva Magenta (a shade of pink similar to the flowers in the phots) is Pantone’s color of the year for 2023.  I have been in like a zillion houses. I have seen every trend from past decades. Some folks will paint their wall magenta. I think that is fine until/unless it is time to sell the house.

For those who must have throw pillows on every soft horizontal surface magenta pillows might be an option. I wouldn’t mind wearing a magenta-colored shirt. Perhaps a magenta-colored dish towel or two?

Some of the trends from two decades ago can still be found everywhere. During the “Tuscan era,” entire homes had their interiors painted yellow. I tried it out in a room and I have to say that I got tired of it quickly. Yellow is also hard to photograph. Sometimes the photos have a yellowish cast to them.

I went back to various shades of white and grey. I tried a bright red in the very early 2000s. I never really got tired of it but it made decorating challenging.

I was never a fan of celery which was an extremely popular color for many years.

When choosing paint colors choose wisely.

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