Throwback Thursday-change is slow

Mississippi River
Building along the river are long gone

Former Adult Detention Center and Ramsey County Government Center West buildings, along Kellogg blvd. The picture was taken in 2008 before the buildings were removed.  Today this is the RiversEdge site which is nearly five-acres located at the southwest intersection of Wabasha St. and Kellogg Blvd., overlooking the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul. It is currently vacant. The proposed development will include:  public park, office space and housing. Part of the project will be a river balcony. I like that idea but for now I just look over the railing where the West Publishing buildings used to be.  The project isn’t likely to be started or completed for a few years. I need to get pictures before they get started.

Change happens slowly but it happens fast too.


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