Snow last week, ice dams this week


The ice dams have grown after last weeks snow storm. You can see them hanging from the roof.

The dams are caused by melting snow on the roof and heat leaking out from the house.  Sometimes more insulation is needed and sometimes the problem is solved by adding more ventilation.

The snow at the edge of the roof turns to ice as it thaws and refreezes.

The water pools on the roof because the ice dam prevents it from rolling off the roof . . hence the term ‘dam’.  It does not matter how new your roof is you can still take on water.

The best way to handle ice dams is to prevent them. There are companies that will remove ice dams and damage the roof at the same time . . . or not.

Removing the snow from the roof will stop new dams from forming. If the roof is low enough a roof rake can be used to clear off some of the snow.

It isn’t just the melting snow on the roof that causes ice dams.  The University of Minnesota Extension website has some great information about what causes ice dams and how to prevent them. The information is much better than what you might get from your Facebook friends or the friendly folks on Nextdoor.


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