Rice park isn’t getting many visitors

Rice Park
Rice Park
Rice park fountain

I took the pictures downtown during what used to be rush hour. The library is closed because of the pandemic and there isn’t any water on in the park. People used to cut through the park on their way to work and there were always people sitting on the benches.

The fountain is empty and so is the park except for that one lone pigeon who is probably hungry.

If you are looking for a quiet place that isn’t crowded where you can enjoy the outdoors I have found it.

Happy Earth day

Lake Superior
Lake Superior – artists point

This is one of my favorite places on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Grand Marais Minnesota. It kind of puts me in an earth day mood.

Celebrate earth day every day by drinking tap water instead of bottled water. Tap water costs 2000% less and the water that comes from the tap is often safer than what comes in the bottle. A gallon of bottled water costs about $9.00. Set that money aside to be used for a downpayment on a house. 🙂

Buy yourself a bottle. If you don’t like the taste of tap water buy a filter. Turn on the faucet, fill up your bottle and take it with you. Rinse and repeat as often as necessary.

If you must drink bottled water and other beverages in plastic containers consider bringing the containers home from the parks and recycling them rather than throwing them in the woods.

A Holiday tradition

Como Conservatory

It is part of my holiday tradition going to Como Conservatory early on a Sunday morning with a bunch of other photographers just so I can take this picture.  The conservatory is open to the public and it looks wonderful this time of year. If you want to take this same shot without any people in it you can probably do it at about 10:00 AM on a weekday.


Summer isn’t over

sail boats
Sailing into harbor

I took this photo a couple of weeks ago in Duluth Minnesota. I just want to say that summer isn’t over and people should just stop acting like it is. The weather is warm and the leaves on the trees just barely have a tinge of yellow here and there.  There is still a lot of time to go out and play before that other season gets here. It is also of course a good time to list your home with me .