St. Paul is well lighted

In some parts of the country “light pollution” is a thing. The city of St. Paul doesn’t see it that way and I happen to live in an area where many residents are afraid of the dark so we really don’t have any dark.


Two years ago a very bright light was put on the telephone pole in our backyard. The light was requested by neighbors who apparently pay for it each month. I have offered to pay more than what ever my neighbors are paying to have the light turned off but aparently that isn’t and option.

It cast an eerie yellowish glow in our yard. A year later the light was replaced with what appears to be an LED-type light. The light was even brighter and lit up the inside of the house. We were able to get them to put a shade on it which helps a little.

The light disturbs the migrating birds and attracts insects. Studies of shown that humans sleep better with less light. Light is sometimes used for torture.

We have a neighbor with a bright light that goes on at sunset and stays on all night. The light isn’t shaded and it shines in our eyes. Neighbors across the street have motion sensor floodlights which are also very bright.

St. Paul is a great place to live if you are afraid of the dark. It never gets dark here.

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