Not my department

I went into a store yesterday and found an item that did not have a price on it. I asked the young man stocking the display for a price. He looked at the item and verified that it did not have a price on it and said “not my department”

I asked if he could get the price. He told me that it wasn’t his department.

Sometimes I experience this on the job with real estate teams. If we ask one team member a question there is a good chance we will be sent to another team member for an answer. Information is not shared across real estate teams.

If one member of a real estate team can not make it to an appointment another team member will not fill in for them.

When a team member locks the door in between the house and garage and the homeowner is locked out no matter how large the team is or how large the office or real estate company is there isn’t anyone available to help.


Large teams kind of remind me of large companies. There is often a lot of bureaucracy, little communication, and responsibility for customers or clients is diffused to the point where no one cares.

Real estate teams also tend to cause more work for other agents. They have systems and procedures that make more work for the rest of us. These systems are needed for internal team communication.

There are some real estate teams that do a fantastic job.

Clients should not assume that agents who are part of a team will provide better service. Sometimes the opposite is true.

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