Labor Day 2022

Happy labor day to all who labor.

Predatory capitalism brought us child labor, unsafe working conditions, low pay, and lower pay for women. Unions brought us paid holidays, lunch breaks, higher wages, and more. We have far to go before everyone has a good job with benefits.  Speaking of benefits, did you know that the health insurance system was created to benefit employers? That was back in the 1940s.

We need jobs that pay so well that people can afford food and housing. The pay gap between the CEO and the worker was 671 to 1 in 2020.  Our system is pretty messed up and works best if people keep buying stuff.

factory workers 1934
factory workers 1934


Construction 1912
Construction 1912
typing pool 1960's
typing pool 1950’s
Factory worker working at machine with draped stockings, 1936


hat factory 1922
Hat factory 1922

The photos came from Flickr commons where there is a treasure trove of old photographs.

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