Do your homework, consult an expert for home maintenance tips

Yesterday I was listening to advice about fall home maintenance on a local news station. The people we see on TV are not from here and I am not sure where they got the advice from but it was mostly useless and not entirely correct, but repeated over and over.

Yes getting a furnace or boiler tune-up or check-up this time of year is a great idea. As for preventing the pipes “outside of your house” from freezing, I can only assume they mean the outdoor spigot.  I have been in hundreds of houses in the metro area and haven’t seen a single house with outdoor pipes.

To protect the spigot outside your house turn the water off to that pipe from the inside. Drain the water from the pipe by turning the spigot on. Remove the hose if there is a hose attached. Realistically none of this has to be done before Halloween or so. An overnight low that is below freezing generally won’t hurt your pipes.

It is true that mice can get into your house through the smallest holes. Our cat usually catches a couple of mice that find their way into the house. I am not sure where they come in, but when I find a hole I stuff steel wool into it or caulk.

There are times when every homeowner needs the services of a professional, an exterminator or the mice will win.

It doesn’t hurt to consult YouTube or Google before taking advice from the local news or from social media. There are oh so many how-to videos that are actually pretty good.

When my dad was alive I used to consult him. Maybe your dad can help you.

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