If the home is overpriced offer less

small houseWaiting for the price of a home to go down is a great way to miss out on a lower price. Home buyers save listings that they find on various websites and track them waiting for the price to go down.  While they are doing that a savvy home buyer finds the listing, falls in love, and offers less than the asking price.  Guess which home buyer gets the house?

The savvy buyer of course.

The smart home seller makes sure their home is correctly priced when it goes on the market. The not-so-savvy home seller “tries” the house at a higher price. Buyers see that the home is for sale but instead of making an offer, they wait for the price to go down.

A higher sale price on a house does not make the house worth more, nor does it attract buyers.

Proper pricing is very important. If the goal is to sell the house rather than have a bunch of interested buyers watch for a price cut it is important to start at the right price.

We are still experiencing a shortage of houses for sale in the metro area and prices are still slowly rising. My advice it to work with an experienced Realtor if you are buying or selling real estate this spring.

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