Got cameras?

Security cameras are all the rage. I have one in my office. I can set it to alert me to any movement in the office and I can set it to record and send a text message letting me know something is going on. I can take a peek into the room when I am away and watch the cat sleep.

Sometimes homeowners use cameras to watch the buyers tour their homes. Recording those buyers may be illegal if it is done without the buyer’s consent. Watching or listening to the buyers without their knowledge may also be illegal.

Homeowners who are using cameras should post a sign so that the buyers know they are on camera. They should also let their agent know about the cameras because real estate agents may also have some legal exposure.

I like to tell my clients who are touring houses that they could be on camera. I also advise them to wait until we are out of the house before commenting on the price or condition of the property.


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