Sell and then buy or buy and then sell?

Owning a home and buying another has never been easy. During a buyers market sellers usually comes out ahead by waiting until they have an offer on their house before they make an offer on a house.

In the current housing market which is a strong seller’s market homeowners often opt to buy first and then sell. In some cases, they may end up owning two houses for a couple of weeks. Lenders have programs for that. Explain to your lender that you want to buy non-contingent.

Some homeowners are able to pay off their mortgage before they go house hunting, giving them some time to move out before they sell their house.

Offers that are contingent on the sale of the buyer’s house are rarer than they used to be and go to the bottom of the pile when there are multiple offers.

If at all possible secure your next house before selling the one you already own. We are seeing some homeowners selling their houses contingent on finding a house to buy. That can also work.

People are moving again.

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