Ideas for real estate agents representing home buyers

living room
vacant house

I was going to call this “Throw Back Thursday for buyers’ agents”.   Negotiating has come back. It is still a seller’s market but it is getting a little harder to sell a house because of the high prices and high-interest rates. Sometimes homeowners need to make some concessions to speed up the sale.

The best way to get a seller concession is to ask for it. Here are some things that can be put into an offer on a house. The seller might say no but they might say yes:

  1. Ask for repairs – within reason. Make sure buyers understand the difference between a needed repair and an upgrade.
  2. If the buyer is a little short of cash for a downpayment go ahead and ask the seller for help with closing costs.
  3. Some houses are overpriced. Go ahead and offer less than the asking price.
  4. Yes, you can ask for new appliances.
  5. Ask to have the home professionally cleaned.
  6. Have the seller hire a pro to shampoo the carpet before the closing.
  7. It used to be common to ask to have the furnace or boiler certified.
  8. The sellers may agree to pay to have the chimney cleaned.

Buyers and their agents will need to use their imaginations.

Remember, it never hurts to ask and sometimes the answer is yes. There are many other things that can be negotiated into a purchase agreement. It is as if buyer’s agents have forgotten how to negotiate.

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