Close ups from my garden

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I had to replace my phone. I broke my old phone. It was repairable but I didn’t want to spend close to $300 dollars on a phone that is almost four years old.

Changing phones is a hassle but easier than it used to be. Mostly nothing works on a new phone until I find all the passwords and start signing into apps. After that it is a matter of disabling the annoying features.

There was a bright spot though. The camera in the phone works well. I used to take some close-ups of flowers in my garden.

Close-up pictures taken with a Samsung S22 phone.

The picture on the top is the center of a purple coneflower, the red flower is a begonia and the pink is a type of amaryllis.

The cameras in mobile phones just keep getting better. It almost makes up for having to change over to a new phone.


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