Repairs and the art of the upsell

I did something stupid last week. While cutting down some volunteer grape vines I cut this little wire on my central air conditioning unit. I went inside and turned the thermostat down low. The fan inside the house came on but the fan on the air conditioning unit did not.

I started calling around to find someone to come out and fix it. If I had thought it through I would have spliced the wire myself.

The company that installed the unit was booked until mid-heatwave.  I called another company that wanted to come out in two days and give me an estimate of what repairs would cost and sit down with us to discuss our options. For some reason, I couldn’t communicate that I needed a repair not a consultation or estimate. I  repeatedly asked if they would be able to make the repair when they came out for the estimate.  Without even asking they assumed that I was more interested in the cost of the repair than I was in having the unit up and running before the next heat wave.

I called another company and explained the situation.  They sent someone out, and he arrived about three hours later. I showed him the wire, and he verified that I did indeed cut the wire to the fan. He had me shut down the AC and he spliced the wire. I think the whole process took 10 minutes.

When you need an HVAC repair avoid the companies that want to give estimates and consultations. Avoid saying that it is an emergency even if it is an emergency. Emergency service can be much more expensive than regular service.

By admitting that the AC unit is 18 years old I was opening myself up to the “upsell”, which was probably what would have happened if I waited for the appointment with the company that wanted to sit down with us and discuss options.

air conditioner
Air Conditioner

It is a good idea to keep the plants near the air conditioner trimmed back.

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