Truly frightening for homeowners

In honor of Halloween, I thought I would write about what I find the most frightening as a homeowner.

  1. The sound of dripping or running water anywhere in the house.
  2. Scratching sounds in the walls.
  3. Unusual sounds coming from the furnace on a cold winter night.

Water can damage a house quickly and it doesn’t take much. I don’t mind the sound of water when I turn on a faucet or am doing a load of wash. It is the unexpected dripping sounds that scare me. It will wake me up from a deep sleep like nothing else.

I am not afraid of mice but am afraid of the damage they can cause. In horror movies gnawing and scratching sounds are often part of a haunting. In real life, the sounds are caused by critters that don’t belong in the house. Neither cause of the gnawing sounds are good.

As for the furnace, I’ll admit that sometimes I hear this noise from it. It seems to happen in the middle of the night and only on the coldest nights. The thought of the furnace breaking down when the temperatures are in the double digits below zero is truly horrifying.


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