The spring market for 2023 starts today


There are a lot of misconceptions about the real estate market. One of them is that June is the month that the real estate season peaks with the highest prices and the largest inventory of homes for sale.

Most homebuyers prefer to buy in Spring even though waiting until summer usually means some savings and better service.

Last March was a very challenging time for home buyers. There were multiple offers on houses before anyone was even allowed to tour the house. Even with higher interest rates, I expect the same this year because the demand for houses is still higher than the supply.

In fact, it may even be worse this year as homeowners decide not to sell because they won’t be able to get the low-interest rate they have today.

Usually, we see the peak in home sales in April which means that offers are being made in February and March.  Homeowners still have to get their houses on the market in time for the seasonal peak in mid-March.

This is the week to interview Realtors and to have repairs made and any painting that needs to be done. The ideal time to put the house on the market is sometime in February, which at this point is next month.

Houses can be bought or sold any time of the year but the spring season starts today.

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