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Also see   a growing collection of photos taken in St. Paul and in other parts of Minnesota. . . oh and from other places when I travel. 

If you are a Realtor or a home seller, or a business owner and would like to have a home or commercial property photographed, I also provide professional photography services.   Please contact me or use my order form

Gallery of real estate photos of homes that have sold 

Anyone who has read my blog can see that I use a lot of photography. One of the best ways to explain  St. Paul is to show it and that is what I try to do.  When I started the blog I was told that pictures don’t belong on blogs, but that was way back in 2005. I include a photo with every post.  There are a few thousand of them on the blog and I have taken most of them myself.

Some of the worst photos that can be found on the internet are in MLS systems nation wide. I am constantly working to improve my own interior shots. I am currently using a technique called HDR, High Dynamic Range Imaging. Here are some examples of my work.

9th street loft 1
9th street loft
Unit 315 Rossmor
Unit 315 Rossmor



Buyers love pictures, we can never have enough of them.  Homes with excellent photographs get more showings and the sellers get more money for them.

Here are a couple of articles about photography and Realtors.  The first is . . satire? At any rate versions of it are published in a couple of locations and it is very popular.

Photography For Realtors – An Article

Photography and home sales

Do you need pictures of a home or business?

Sunrise on the Mississippi

Pictures of St. Paul

River Park

Attack of the photogrpahers

Como Park Conservatory



Night Shots

St. Paul set

Urban – St. Paul, MN

These are my photos don’t swipe them.

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