Yes we sell houses during the holidays

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I answer this question several times each holiday season. Should I decorate my home for the holidays if it is on the market? My answer is always the same. That depends.

I don’t have a problem with holiday decorations but the same rules apply to them that apply to any kind of decorations in homes that are for sale. The decorations should not detract from the home or distract people who are viewing it. Less is generally more and it is all pretty subjective. We don’t have any data on whether homes with Christmas trees sell for more or less than homes without.

Some people decorate every square inch of their home for the holidays and display their beanie babies, snow babies, and Santa Bears. It’s not a good idea when your home is on the market.

Skipping the holiday decorations altogether is alright too. It is better to have no decorations than too many decorations. Don’t worry about offending anyone.

The home should be photographed without any holiday decorations if at all possible.

There you have it my typical “it depends on” non-answer type answer to the holiday decoration question. Happy Holidays, and yes every year homes are sold between Thanksgiving and the new year. Home buyers who are out looking during the holidays are motivated, qualified buyers who are ready to buy.

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