Black Friday – Buy Nothing Day

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. Today is Black Friday and there is one thing that I never do on Black Friday and that is go shopping. I don’t buy anything at all on Blackcookie Friday.

There is plenty to do if you are a non-shopper. Admission is free and so is parking at all Minnesota State parks. A walk in the woods feels wonderful after spending a day cleaning, cooking, eating, and eating and cleaning. There are 75 state parks to choose from.  Did you know that at some Minnesota libraries park passes can be checked out? Check it out sometime.

Today is also a great day to get rid of stuff. Join a “buy nothing new” group in your neighborhood and see if you can unload some of those useful items in your home that you no longer use.

The antique plate in the picture belonged to my mother-in-law and I don’t think I would ever part with it.

If you want some quiet time but would like to get out of the house head to downtown St. Paul and roam the skyways.

I plan on spending at least part of the day figuring out how to avoid the traditional American Christmas celebration completely. I have had some practice because of the pandemic. I may deck the halls with the small tree and put up a string of lights to keep the December darkness at bay.

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