Holiday weekends can be a lot of work

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I am happy that the holiday weekend is over. Last weekend I finished planting my garden and then I went to the hardware store on Memorial Day for a couple of begonias to fill in an empty space in a flower bed.

While I was there I asked them if they still repair screens. They said that they do but it will take five weeks.

Since it is only warm enough to open the windows for about five weeks I went ahead and bought a roll of screen fabric.  When I got home I found some spline and the little tool that is used for getting the spline in the groove.

An hour later I had two new screens and only one cut on hand. Since there isn’t any point in putting up new screens on dirty windows I took the windows apart and washed them inside and out.

On the double sash window, I washed both pains, up and down and inside and out, and then went ahead and washed the two windows next to the clean window with the new screen. These windows are right in front of the house.

It seems silly to put dusty curtains on clean windows so I went ahead and took all of the curtains down in the living room and dining room and washed them.  I couldn’t see the point of putting the clean curtains up on dirty windows in the dining room so I washed the windows that I hadn’t already washed.

There is more, but I am going to stop right here.

For me, holiday weekends can be exhausting.

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