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Things are looking up in downtown St. Paul

I really do love our little downtown St. Paul with the new light rail and the Lund’s store and the new Union depot and new ball park that is being built. The downtown housing market is looking up too. The

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Downtown Condo Recovery

greatnorthernlofts wm The housing market seems to be recovering in downtown St. Paul.  Average sale prices this year were $179,392 Vs. last years $173,479 and they are selling faster too with an average of 164.8 cumulative days on the market


Which is less expensive?

 Which is less expensive house or condo?  The age old argument.  In most cases the condo is going to be less expensive because the costs of exterior maintenance are shared among a greater number of people. Some condos have dues

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Lofts, Condos & Townhouses

The HOA from hell

imgres I don’t have anything against home owners associations but not all associations are equal.  Before buying a condo buyers are given ten days to review the condo documents including the rules and the balance sheet.   I encourage buyers

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Condos VS other homes

IMG 5477f wm One of my readers asked if the condo market is doing as well as the general housing market in St. Paul.  I would have to say no but it isn’t lagging far behind.  In general condos and

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Condos that qualify for FHA financing

 Not all condos qualify for FHA financing.  I don’t make the rules.  In general to be eligible for FHA financing a condo association has to be approved and one of the criteria is a high owner occupancy rate. In the


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