Who we really are

When I look at pictures of Realtors in advertising I most often see pictures of young men and young women. They are dressed in suits and if there are more than two in the picture, there is a young man and a young woman with darker skin.

Who we really are is a group of the is 66% woman and typically around 56 years of age and probably white. You would never guess that there are more women Realtors than male Realtors.

Most real estate agents are independent contractors which means they control their own schedule and where they work ad even how many hours they work. Since women are also responsible for the majority of unpaid work being an independent contractor is a bonus.

In real estate sales positions there are no glass ceilings.  There is some age discrimination but it isn’t as bad on the job as it is in other aspects of life. Real estate sales positions have always attracted an older demographic because there are no benefits, like vacation pay or health insurance.

During times of high unemployment, we see an increase in the number of Realtors. Membership also increases during times when home sales are up as they have been during the last two years. Real estate companies are always “hiring”. Real estate agents should interview a few brokers and choose wisely.


realtor profile 2022
Realtor profile 2022


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