Wear your mask when touring homes for sale

“Every death is a tragedy, especially at this point in the pandemic, when it’s so very preventable,” Malcolm said. “I think everybody has gotten kind of desensitized. Ten thousand deaths; we’re coming up on a million total cases — people have lost context, literally.” – Jan Malcolm sums it up pretty well.

When I show houses sometimes I encounter people who are unvaccinated and are not wearing masks. Even though I am vaccinated and boosted I wouldn’t dream of going into someone’s house without wearing a mask.

I totally get that people are tired of the pandemic. We are all tired of many things and ignoring them doesn’t make them go away.

One in every 100 people over 65 in the US has died of Covid-19. That is over 600 thousand, of the more than 800 thousand who have died of Covid nationwide. I am not over 65 but someone in my household is and I am over 60. Staying healthy and earning a living is more of a challenge than ever.

face mask on sidewalk
Face mask


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