Those prospecting letters

This is the time of year when homeowners will get letters from real estate agents who have buyers.

Those buyers want to live in your neighborhood or they want to buy a house just like yours. If there are a lot of real estate agents


“farming” the neighborhood homeowners will get several letters.

Right now there are a lot of people who would like to buy a home just like yours or a home in your neighborhood. The demand for housing is high. Let this blog post serve as my letter to homeowners that we are working with buyers who are looking for a home to buy.

The very best way to attract home buyers right now is to have a house that is for sale.

There are also a few entities that will buy your home as-is for cash with no inspections except here in St. Paul a truth in housing inspection is required before a single-family home can change hands.

I get at least one letter a month from a company that buys houses. I suspect that we are on a list somewhere of empty nesters who own a house.

Yes, this is a very good time to sell a house. I’ll have some January sales numbers tomorrow.

lead letter
Template for seller lead

If you are interested in selling I do have buyers interested in your house in your neighborhood. Please call or write anytime for a free no-obligation consultation.

Imagine a clock

It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I am pretty sure at this point the only reason we change the time twice a year is because someone is making money from it. Otherwise, it would be just silly to change time rather than changing our schedules to accommodate fewer hours of daylight.

Today I’ll be getting emails from several companies and from real estate agents reminding me to turn my clock back one hour on Sunday at 2:00 AM. Most will include a picture of a clock too.

My readers are above average and I am going to assume that I don’t need a picture of a clock to communicate my message.

Changing back to standard time is a marketing opportunity that I don’t want to miss out on but I really don’t want to spend a bunch of money on postcards so I usually write a blog post with a picture the Friday before the Sundays when we change time.

As always I have big plans for my extra hour. It will take at least 8 hours to do it all so don’t bug me on Sunday.

Fall back Nov 3 at 2:00 AM

Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon today

Welcome marathon runners!

marathon crowd

Today is the 38th annual Twin Cities Marathon. There will be some street closures but the freeways will be open, unlike last weekend. It is the most beautiful urban marathon in the country. The exact route of the main event that starts at 8:00 AM today is mostly behind paywalls but I can tell you that Summit avenue will be closed for at least half of the day.

State fair and home improvement time

Nothing like the Minnesota State Fair and it starts today and ends on Labor Day. I go to the fair every three to five years. Our state fair is the largest in the county by average daily attendance and the second largest in the country by total attendance. It is a big deal and if you have never been you should go.

State Fair time is also a great time to check around for sales. I have purchased major appliances at fair time and gotten some great deals. Also look for siding, window and roofing sales. Visit the home improvement building at the State Fair.  I love the Creative activities building too. There really is something for everyone at the Fair.

For me, the best days to go to the fair are the first couple of days when everything is still fresh. The hundreds of thousands of people tend to trample everything down. Going after dark or getting there when it opens is fun too. The State Fair changes a little every year but never really changes. I still remember going with my parents and grandparents when I was 5 years old. The fairgrounds are full of memories and colorful too.

minnesota state fair


After today no more texting and driving

Effective August 1, 2019 – it is against the law touch cell phone while driving. I guess electronic messaging while driving was already against the law.

Highlights of the new law:

• Amends the definition of wireless communications
device (e.g., cell phone or personal electronic device
that can transmit data):
• Dedicated GPS and some types of radios are not
considered wireless communications devices
• Devices being used for navigation purposes (such as
through a smartphone app) are treated as wireless
communication devices
• In addition to the existing ban on electronic messaging,
prohibits a motor vehicle operator from
• Engaging in cellular phone calls
• Accessing various content on the device, including
video, audio, and apps
• Allows hands-free device use for calling
• Allows GPS features to be used, if it is in hands-free
mode without requiring typing
• Allows device use for audio content, if it is in hands-free
mode without requiring scrolling or typing.

I have been using a nifty little phone holder that fits on the air vent in my car. It is inexpensive and very low tech.  I use the blue tooth to listen to text messages and can send a response back without typing but I almost never do. I like the idea of driving without talking on the phone or responding to messages.

The penalty for violating the law is a petty misdemeanor, carrying a $50 fine for the first violation and a $275 fine for subsequent violations.