Three years ago today St. Paul was under an emergency order

It is March again and I am remembering March 16, 2020, which was a Monday.  That is the day the “stay at home” orders went into effect in St. Paul.  Here is what I wrote on the day:

“The Mayor of St. Paul declared a state of local emergency to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  The schools are closed and so are the libraries and the zoo. Water shutoffs will be suspended for 30 days and permits will not be issued for gatherings of more than 50 people.

Social distancing is recommended and that means putting some space between yourself and others. Six feet is recommended.”


I think the pandemic was life-changing for all of us but I don’t think everyone realizes it.  I went grocery shopping without wearing a mask for the first time in three years this past February. No one in my household or immediate family got Covid-19. I am the only member of my family who was never tested for Covid-19.

No one in my household has had a cold or the flu either.  We all got the vaccinations and boosters as soon as we could.

We did not celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas with family in 2020. We had a family gathering for Thanksgiving in 2021 but none for Christmas. In 2022 we had family gatherings for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

While people were traveling last summer we stayed home. I know many people who contracted Covid after traveling or attending an event.

My income went way down because of the pandemic and my reluctance to become infected or to bring the virus into my house. Our household spending went way down and is not going back up.

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