New pictures of exteriors

 Nothing says I don’t care like a home with a pile of snow in front of it in mid-July.  The homes only have snow in front of them in the pictures  but those pictures are seen by buyers when they look on the internet.  

It is a good idea to take a new exterior picture of a home that is for sale each time the seasons change.  No home should be on the market for all four seasons, but it isn’t at all usual to hit two seasons. 

Last week after out first big snow I went out and took new pictures of my listings. I kept the old ones in the MLS so people can see what the homes look like in the Fall.  One of them had this beautiful maple tree with bright red leaves in front of it when I took the original picture.


The best times of day to photograph homes when there is snow in the yard is shortly after sunrise or just before sunset.  I got these between 4:00 and 5:00 PM the day after the heavy snow fall.  Snow always looks better when it is fresh.