Supermoon super fun

It is Friday ad Fridays are for fun. A supermoon is when the moon is closest to the earth. It looks large on the horizon. We had a super moon a couple of days ago. There were photos of it taken by amateurs and pros. Silhouetted objects with the moon in the background are a very popular way to show the buck moon this year.

I tend to not do what everyone else is doing especially when it comes to photography. There are standard pictures taken in all the right places and all at the same angle. I like to be creative and original.  Here are a few of the super moon photos I have taken over the years.

Super moon
Wabasha street bridge
Moon and grass
blood moon
moon over downtown

The pictures are a few of my favorites. In the interest of transparency, I will say that I did take each and every one of these pictures but the pictures of the moon were not taken at the same time as the pictures around St. Paul.


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