Start thinking about the winter of 2022/23

Yes I know it is hot and it is August but we all know what comes next and can expect high heating costs this winter. Now is the perfect time to schedule yearly maintenance for your furnace or boiler.  I’ll admit I am on a kind of every-other-year plan and could probably skip this year but I know too many homeowners who never have their heating plant checked or tuned and a few who don’t bother to change the filter on a regular basis.

Antique furnaces and boilers

Watch for promotions and seasonal discounts. A word of caution about HVAC contractors and companies. Some companies are more interested in upselling than in providing maintenance.

When the temperature dips below zero for a few days it is hard to get someone to come out and fix the heating plant and when it becomes an emergency repair the price goes way up.

If you are selling your home this fall or winter it is a good idea to have the furnace or boiler serviced and save the receipt or even tape it to the furnace. Buyers who are closing on homes this fall should either have the furnace tuned up or should make sure that the seller has already taken care of it.

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